NAB Internet Banking - Can't Find Details of Historical Transactions

Transferred some funds from my NAB account to my CBA home loan yesterday.

Panicked a little as it was $9k and didn't see it in my CBA home loan as expected. All good, my mistake, I eventually figured out it went to my other CBA account when looking at my CBA accounts.

Interestingly and disappointingly, NAB internet banking doesn't show the BSB and Account number it was transferred to.


Surely you should be able to view the full history of where the funds were sent to when the transaction originated from NAB?

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    You need to go to the Transfer and Pay section on the website to see the full transfer details. HTH

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      Yup, go to Transfer & Pay and then Payment List.

    • Thanks,

      Transfer & Pay, then 'Payments list', then click on the date of the transaction.

      Such a convoluted process.

      Makes no sense that you can see the details with one click within Transaction History on EFTPOS & Tap and Pay transactions but can't for bank transfers you initiate.

  • I just checked the my nab app and I can see the bsb and ac numbers when I expand th payment in the transaction history.

    • Yeah, just played with it- a few steps. What's wrong with being able to view the details with one click from the main screen.

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