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HyperX Cloud Flight S Wireless $169.50 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just got a camels alert on this well reviewed headset, already bought a HyperX Cloud Flight which I'm very happy with but if you want the upgraded version this is a great deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Looks like it’s PS only, I assume it would work well for PC and PS5 but no luck for Xbox series x?

    • Looks like it is for PC only to me

      • It shows as compatible with PS4 - it uses a USB dongle, so possibly PS5 compatible as well?

        • Multiple reddit posts say it worked , pretty sure if it has it's own dongle it'll work in most cases.

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        They connect via their own adapter that can plug straight into a PC or Playstation and works. Apparently doesn't with Xbox.

        Good writeup on them by rtings - https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/hyperx/cloud-fligh... - mic, bass, build and battery are great but probably only buy for gaming, not anything else.

    • Yep doesn't work for XSX unfortunately, they have their own specifically designed headset for that.

      • Blahhhh, I’ve got both systems (well Xbox soon) and PC, just want something decent that works on all 3. It looks like I’ll have to just continue waiting

    • Correct.

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    I own this headset and can confirm it worked on my PS4 and now on my PS5. Side note, I really have enjoyed this headset, can use it for long periods of time comfortably, never worry about battery, and sound quality is great. And although it seemed gimmicky when I bought it, I actually really like that it has wireless charging. Great buy at this price imo.

    • Anyway to test or confirm you’re getting the mythical ‘3D Audio’ even though you aren’t connected to the controller by 3.5mm?

  • Cheers, got a pair!

  • Thanks OP

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    Hopefully this is a sign that low latency LC3Plus headphones are about to start appearing, because this is not great audio quality (and that's true of pretty much every wireless headphone).

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    In case anyone missed out on Amazon like I did, I think MWave have this same deal with free shipping!

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    When I got these, there was a noticeable background hissing noise. I couldn't stand it over time and returned it. Anyone know if this is consistent issue with these or if I just got a faulty pair?

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      I had similar experiences with background noise with these 'gaming' wireless headphones. Overpriced and flashy but poor quality.

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