LG C1 55” TV - Best Price?

Wanting to buy a 55” c1 but the prices seem a lot higher than when I bought my OLED in 2019. Paid $1600 for a 55”. Is $2380 the best I will get currently or should I wait for something better? I spoke to JB Hi-Fi and he wouldn’t budge from the $2500 asking price which I thought was insane.



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    Let me know if you do find it cheaper… But you won't be getting a c1 55" lower than 2k unless black Friday blows us away.

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      They rarely discount popular products during Black Friday.

    • Was about to pull the trigger when The Good Guys had that recent sale but stayed faithful to ol' Black Friday.

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      Managed to get TGG to $2150 for the 55” c1. Was bloody stocked with that after jb saying cost price was $2446.

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        Can you provide a receipt? A friend would buy at that price atm.

      • Just called TGG. They aren't able to match themselves on price lol! How did he get it for that price?

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          For real? Maybe I just got lucky. All I did was mention the price they had it on sale for about a month ago and he just matched it. Jbhifi was like getting water from a stone though wouldn’t budge from $2446

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    TGG advised they can do $2300 or the CX for $2,000. Imo, the C1 is not worth $300 more based on quite a few comparison videos.

    • which store is that?

  • Did they raise prices for C1? Most retailers had 55" for $2495, and now it is $2795.

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