Mybogo Website review

Ozb family,

Long time member here launching IT website in the next fortnight.
Looking for feedback/tweaks before we index on google and launch.

We start with about 47000 products and look to get up to 100k products in the next year.

Could you please take some time and give us some final reviews?

Looking for things you don't like in particular :)

Stay safe!


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    look to get up to 100k products in the next year

    According to your website you already have over 100,000 products?

    They all say "in stock" do you actually have these on your physical premises, or you are just dropshipping?

    Edit - just had a look at a couple of laptop prices, your prices are basically identical to any of the larger companies that have been around forever, why would I buy from you instead of umart or similar, where I can just walk in if I have an issue?

    Also, wtf does "mybogo" mean?

    • Thanks for taking the time out.
      I will get that corrected as we are still getting to 100000 number.

      The in stock is combination of stock on hand and stock at supplier locally. We provide both shipping from warehouse and drop shipping.

      Mybogo is a name that came up on one drunken night. Means nothing :)

      Edit: we are trying to compete with the big players although we don’t have their buying power yet.

      The warranty process would be similar to any warranty process. Only difference being we are not bricks and mortar

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        Edit: we are trying to compete with the big players although we don’t have their buying power yet.

        The warranty process would be similar to any warranty process. Only difference being we are not bricks and mortar

        That's the issue. The only reason people use a smaller, mail order only company, is if the prices are really really good. I know I will personally pay more if I can just walk into a store and buy an item, and walk back in if I have a problem.

        As an example, no way I would buy a $2k laptop off an unknown random droppshipper to save $1, when it is available from a known/bricks and mortar stores for basically an identical price.

        I suppose the question is, what is the point of difference between you are a big/bigger retailer? It's not price, and it's not service, it's not being able to walk in and get it now, so I'm honestly just not sure what the advantage would be, in buying from you?

        • Price/ service and rewards are what we are focusing on.
          You totally have legitimate points.

          But hey I have also seen big boys make 50% plus margin on sometimes.

          I have to start somewhere and hope for the best.

          Thanks again for taking the time out.

          I appreciate it!

      • Bogo has meaning though…

        Bogo is a sales promotion in which an item is offered free or at a reduced price when another item is purchased at full price.

        (Also, Buy One Get One)

        • +1

          Hey thats great, however in our instance its just random name :)

  • You've got a few items that have a negative savings value (e.g. "Save $-x" ), which I assume means you bumped up the price. For example

  • thanks for taking the time out.
    I will get that looked at asap!

  • May be highlight the clearance sale section ? This is Ozbargain and we all need a bargain !!

    Also I can't figure out how much I will be saving from the usual sale price .

    I could even find sale items cheaper else where……

    • Cheers.
      We haven’t put proper clearance products in the section yet.
      Will make sure it’s properly populated before launch.

      I will get it highlighted.

  • Hi,

    Why for a NSW based business are you at are you nominating Laws of Queensland?

    Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    Any dispute arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions or the sales transaction between and Customer shall be governed by the laws of the State of Queensland or as defined by the Australian Consumer Law.

  • +1

    Thanks for raising that. I am not sure why Queensland laws are showing here.
    I will get this corrected ASAP.

    Appreciate it

  • It has been mentioned above. People need a reason to purchase from you vs your competitors. What is your point of difference?

    You need to find something that will be your business a better value than the others.

    • Late night/weekend pick ups
    • Reward/loyalty programs with VIP access to pre-orders etc…
    • Extra year warranty on top of manufacturer for $10

    Just thinking out loud here, but you will need something strong

    Getting people to know your website will require substantial $$.

    Also a phone number on the website.

    • Thanks for your feedback.
      We are thinking on our differentiators and have a few things in mind.

      1. Competitive- we can’t be the cheapest yet we plan to be right up there as we have low overheads. Obviously this will be on selective products or categories.

      2. Rewards - this will definitely be implemented in coming months

      3. Ozb specials - I have been a long time member and want to run Ozb specific promotions and competitions. If you can recommend something then let me know. I have a 3080 TI as giveaway and am thinking of running something for over $300 purchase in lucky draw.

      4. Phone number is on website. Turned off on weekends at this stage.

      Appreciate your input

  • Items in stock aren't in stock are they but rather drop shipped?
    This looks like one person operations akin to Homer Simpson drop shipping.

    • auDA Whois -> Linkedin -> Connect the dots….

      To his credit the OP has some experience working for and dealing with national disties, so this is not just a pipe dream to become the next UMart or MSY. However he has decided to start a risky(aka low margin) business so I hope he won't get himself bogged down (pun most certainly intended) too deep.

      Good luck!

    • Hey thanks for taking the tim out.
      As I mentioned earlier, its a combination of instock and instock at local supplier.

      Same model as any other IT reseller out there :)

  • +1

    Bad name, change it to something neater.

    • Thanks for your feedback.
      Appreciate it.

      Mybogo :)

      • And the story.. you came up with mybog after a drunken night, sounds like you were on the toilet the morning after a big night.. but wishing you well, keep trying

        • Thanks for the laugh.
          Dont remember the toilet but certainly remember the Barf!

  • Since you have no real USP (by your own admission), you're going to struggle to attract customers on a random website that just cropped up with a weird nonsensical name that sounds like any other dodgy fake/dropshipping site.

    Having an ABN and warehouse address does help to show legitimacy (once you've gotten it approved on Google Maps).

    The problem is people won't trust you'll still be around in 1-2 years time for any warranty claims.

    You might want to consider becoming an Amazon affiliated store instead. Sure they take a cut, but it also instills confidence in buyers when 'fulfilled by Amazon' (not Ships from and sold by MybogoIT) and you'll likely increase sales significantly.

  • +1

    Was this you?

    • Looks like it, OP tried posting the same deal

      • Slight difference.
        It was a different NUC back then :)

        Thanks for taking the time out.

    • Yes Sir affirmative, I jumped the gun last gear and wanted to start off by selling on Amazon whilst by website was being built.
      The website didnt have all the right information list ABN, address etc.

      As such, I was put in penalty Box.

      I have worked diligently since to ensure all the proper requirements were met and was freed by Scotty.

      Now, I am a changed man :)

  • +1

    Why would you call your business a name which is actually in the dictionary with an actual meaning?

    Now that you're in relative early stages it's the time for a name change, and if really suggest you should if you want to be taken seriously

    BOGO is a way of encouraging more sales of a product by offering customers another item of the same type, free or for a reduced price.

    The UK variant stands for " buy one, get one free".

    Given the number of Brits in Aus, your name won't make much sense

    • I am really sorry it comes across as double meaning.
      This name came out as result of two drunkards shouting stupid stuff till something stuck.

      At no stage did we even think it could have a meaning..

      Now we are Mybogo :)

      Thanks for taking the time out.

  • Product titles are munted on my mobile


    • Many thanks!

      I will get this looked at ASAP!

    • -2

      No Sir, I did not steal mwave's website.

      • +1

        Then why do they have the exact same words? i.e. plagiarism except replace Mwave with Mybogo

        • -2

          i will get this checked out.
          thanks for taking the time out.

          Edit - Our goal is not to copy or plagiarise things.
          However end of day we want to ensure that all policies cover the buyers and sellers.

          Thanks for your input!

          • +1


            Our goal is not to copy or plagiarise things.

            That's what they all say when they get caught plagiarising …

            • -2

              @kerfuffle: Hey, thanks for your feedback.
              I am getting all policies reviewed asap.

              At this stage, I have gotten them all removed from my website so we can address them one by one.

              Please understand we haven't launched yet and I have a full team doing several things.

              Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

              I will seek your feedback once all policies are updated.

              It is not my intention to copy..

              Stay safe!

              • @ilsan0:

                It is not my intention to copy.

                That's what they all say when they get caught plagiarising …

                • -2

                  @kerfuffle: You are entitled to your opinion.
                  Thanks again!

                • @kerfuffle: Hello,

                  We have updated our terms and conditions.
                  Please have a look if you have a minute.

                  Thanks again!


                  • +4

                    @ilsan0: Have YOU had a look? Now it's a blatant copy of Law Essentials. So much for your intention to not copy. 🙄

                    You do realise that everything is Googlable, right? And why am I doing this instead of you? It's your website; you should take responsibility for it to ensure that the content is original and not copied and pasted from elsewhere.

                    The irony of having this in your terms and conditions when you ignored it yourself by copying them from someone else's website …

                    Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited

                    • +1

                      @kerfuffle: Oh dear 😂

                    • +1
                    • -2

                      @kerfuffle: Looks like you have an agenda here but no worries.

                      I actually paid for website package on legal123 and put up policies. We are a startup and our capital is limited.

                      So, No its not copied but paid for.

                      Hey, please continue with you critique.

                      It helps build our character!

                      • +1


                        Looks like you have an agenda here but no worries.

                        Seriously, you ask me to check, then accuse me of having an agenda? Just wow.

                        Pray tell, what do you think my agenda is?

                    • @kerfuffle: I kind of doubt that is the “original” source. A search for “We respect the privacy and confidentiality of the information provided by you and adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles” generates several thousand matches for this phraseology. Also, some US spelling has crept in.

                      So is a copy of a copy of a copy still plagiarism? Of course, but you raise a really interesting point.

                      Also, I am at a loss as to what The Australian Privacy Principles are. I wasn’t aware that there are any significant Australian Principles of note, particularly given the Australian (and British) Government’s treatment of Julian Assange. Oh crap!… I forgot to check my agenda at the door!?

                      • +1


                        So is a copy of a copy of a copy still plagiarism? Of course, but you raise a really interesting point.

                        OP has since said they bought a package, which explains why they all have the same terms and conditions

                        • @kerfuffle: Thanks for pointing that out. Hopefully they got an OzBargain, because that’s a little scary…

  • Thank you all for your feedback and constructive comments.
    We will now focus on launching the website now.

    Based on the valuable feedback received here, Before launch we will be:

    1. Provide each registered user with $10 coupon to use on website.
    2. Have reward points system in place.

    If we come across a deal worth posting, then we will post on Ozb.

    Thanks again!

    Please stay safe!

  • +2

    Reduce your use of exclamation marks to end sentences on your site. They are unnecessary and not professional.

    Payment methods…
    "Credit Cards - VISA, MasterCard % Handling Fee
    • PayPal - 1.5% Handling Fee"


    PayPal accepts all major credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers. Please note, handling fee is 1.5% applies when using this payment method. All you need to do is "Register" a free account and purchase using your email address!"

    Missing details for Visa and mastercard, and you charge a percentage for PayPal?? Never seen that before… and that's apart from the poor grammar, "handling fee is 1.5% applies".

    If I was trying to assess if this new store was trustworthy, the many mistakes in the text and poor grammar would leave me suspicious.

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