Changes to Woolies Delivery Unlimited - what’s the catch?

It looks like it is only good news… what am I missing?

We'd like to let you know about changes we'll be making soon to the terms and conditions of your Delivery Unlimited subscription effective from September 16th, 2021.

The key changes relevant to you are:

• Minimum spend amount for free delivery will be reduced from $100 to $50 (standard exclusions apply).

• Free delivery will now apply to all Same and Next Day delivery windows 7 days a week, excluding Bulk and Remote deliveries. All Delivery Now windows will remain at $10, when you spend $50.

• You will earn 2X Everyday Rewards points on all online orders with an Everyday Rewards Card linked to your Woolworths Online account.

• The annual subscription fee will be reduced to $119 for payments after 16th September, 2021.

If you have any questions about the changes to your Delivery Unlimited subscription, please contact the Woolworths Customer Care Team on 1300 969 609.

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  • +17

    That’s why I pick woolies

  • -1

    $119 subscription fee to pay $10 for deliveries? Yeah nah

    • +1

      They are still keeping the monthly subscription option. Also the paying $10 is for delivery now - as in, "quick! I need more condoms now!" uber/taxi delivery within 2 hours.

      It's free for one "normal" (ie.non-delivery now) delivery a day when you have a current subscription.

    • +7

      I think it’s $119 for free delivery

      • -1

        Ah ok, thanks for clarifying jv :)

  • +1

    Probably because not many people actually signed up for it so they have to do something to entice more to join?

  • +1

    no real catch, they are probably hoping people make more frequent but smaller orders since lower minimum spend amount. not sure if they're phasing out the cheaper mid-week option too? (won't know until the new plans come in on 12th sept)

    smaller orders may mean less stress on their warehousing/supply chain/drivers workcover claims, and may give them some data to run smaller trucks, more frequent deliveries, tie it in with other linfox services

    logistics is the future! :)

  • +1

    woolies is goat

  • I think they are just trying to make the pricing a little bit more competitive compare to Coles. Coles delivery can go as low as $2 for order > $50 (Tue - Thu, 6 hours window).

    I'm currently with Coles, usually pay $4 for Sunday delivery (6 hours window), and $0.15 per plastic bag used with no paper-bag alternatives, also Coles Online doesn't have the option to add personal shopping request (i.e. ripeness of banana). Now I read this, will certainly try Woolworths the next time.

  • $119 seems way too much to subscribe for very little, although the price of their deliveries in general is quite high comparative to Coles.

  • +2

    I've cancelled Woolies "Delivery Unlimited" and pay now around $40 a year for Woolies delivery instead of $119.
    Instead of ordering once a week, I buy bulk once every two or three weeks (over $250) so delivery is between $0 and $1 with the 5-hour delivery window (you get an ETA closer to the delivery time) and $1.50 for the bags. Quite often there are $1 delivery slots available for next day as well, even when the order is under $250.
    [edit: I get fresh stuff from the weekly run to the local green grocer]

  • My guess: due to lockdown and the number of customers signing up recently, they can scale the delivery process better and it becomes cheaper per customer. Question is what will happen when people are happy to go to the shops again and cancel their subscription?

    • +3

      They'll get used to the convenience and let it continue.

  • +4

    This is why I like living walking distance to the shops.

  • +3

    Woolies delivery > Coles. Had two purchases during lockdown from Coles, some of the produce had a "Best Before" date on the day itself. And yoghurt that was expiring in 5 days.

    Yes, Coles isn't doing anything wrong since it's still considered "fresh" on the day of delivery, but this is how you lose customers.

    My Woolies purchases have at least 6-7 days before the "Best Before" date.

    • +1

      I think it's a location thing. I switched from Coles deliveries to Woolworths after constant problems with Coles and have never looked back, I've had a couple of missing items that I reported online and got a refund, that's it. Once Coles missed more than half the items in an order, I couldn't lodge it online because it only accepted a limited number of items, they had taken the phone number it said to call down and I had to contact them via Twitter, it was a mess.

      My parents have the opposite problem though, Woolworths isn't very good with deliveries, constantly out of stock on what they ordered to the point they keep having to do a separate supermarket run. They live regionally though.

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