Warranty for Floor Unit/Clearance Item in Bunnings?

Yesterday, I found an item in Bunnings which was in clearance table and labelled as a floor unit.

It was like $80 cheaper so decided to buy it. I asked the agent if it would still have warranty and she advised that it will have normal warranty but stressed that I would need my receipt if something happens. I went and looked at the new unit to check If it had all the accessories. Everything looked good apart from few scratches so went ahead and bought it.

Now, the agent was a newer one so I asked about warranty again and she stated that it would have no warranty since it was a floor unit. I was confused and just got a refund. She asked another staff who said the same thing. Both of them were younger compared to older staff earlier.

Is this warranty thing store by store or YMMV?

Anyone has any idea?

Cant find anything on there website.

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    Look up ACCC.

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      for an artificial sense of security? 😄

      • ACCC just outlines the law…. if you want individual security, contact your local regulator or your mum.

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    "'No refund' signs and expired warranties
    Signs stating ‘No refunds’ or ‘No refunds or exchanges on sale items’ are unlawful, as they imply that it’s not possible to get a refund under any circumstances, including for faulty items. In fact your consumer guarantee rights still apply. Retailers don’t have to give you a refund or exchange if you simply change your mind. Always check the store’s returns policy.

    Your rights under the consumer guarantees do not have a specific expiry date and can apply even after any warranties you’ve got from a business have expired."

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    It is sold as the same item whether on display or in a box. They just might take a hit on the price for the scratch and dent.
    Especially a big company like westfarmers…they will not care. A Ma & Pa shop might put up a stink.

    Normal warranty and physical damage factors apply, so make sure it's not damaged if you can.
    In saying that, I bought a tool trolley from supercheap in the box and it was damaged, so had to go back and get undamaged display one. Go figure.

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    I asked the agent

    You should have asked the people wearing red shirts, not the undercover ones.

    Warranty the same; obviously need proof of purchase - receipt, Powerpass.

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    firstly, the Bunnings team aren't referred as "agents"

    secondly, warranty applies no matter if it was clearance or not, but as always keep your receipt

    • what about display units?

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        Warranty is the same whether new in box or display item. The only difference is you get a discount due to scratch, dent or faded paint.

  • I bought an Ozito Brushless impact driver $39 last year when it was on special, recently it stopped working, so I took it to nearest Bunnings Store and Bunnings Store Staff(Returns Staff and Her Manager both) refused to offer me a replacement because the current price of the same item is $99, reason current price difference is too high to issue a replacement. So Bunnings just said they will not honour my 5 years warranty on the item as I bought it on a discounted price. Item had been originally bought from a different store and during the Sydney Lockdown Bunnings told me to take my warranty replacement issue to the original store, which is not allowed with the Current NSW Government Rules in Sydney. I spoke to manufacturer Ozito this morning over the phone and Ozito staff said that if they have got identical item in stock, they should give you a replacement without any issues. Not Sure, if anyone else has faced the same issue.

    I can advise the store name and location if needed, but at this stage I do not feel there is any need for it.

    • I had a similar issue with 2 x 4AH Ozito batteries bought on sale.
      they started to not charge properly, so after confirming the batteries were at fault and locating my receipt, I went to the local bunnies.
      They had the matching batteries in stock and said that I can get a warranty exchange, so far so good.
      When she came to put it through their POS system, of course there was a substantial price difference which they wanted me to pay.
      I kindly and politely informed them that an exchange warranty is exactly that, not a credit against current price of their stock.
      They stuffed me around for 45 mins.

      At which point I called Ozito who said 'tell them I said to do a no charge exchange and that they need to seek further training on handling Ozito warranty claims'
      Which I did. Consequently, the cat was among the feathered ones!
      Eventually the guy who knows what he's doing told them they needed to put the return & purchase through in the correct order then apply a loyalty discount.
      BOOM, problem solved.

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