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Miele 7kg Front Load Washer WCA 020 $1199 (Was $1299) Delivered @ The Good Guys


This white Miele front load washing machine has a high 4 star WELS water rating and a 4 star energy rating.
Capacity to wash 7kg of dry laundry for each load with 12 types of washing programs.

It has a high 1400 rpm maximum spin speed, and delayed start setting.
Dimensions : 850mm high, 596mm wide, and 643mm deep

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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  • most of the shop refer back to shop.miele.com.au

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    Why is Miele so expensive??

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      $1200 isn’t expensive for a Miele, if anything this is extremely entry level pricing.

      Also Miele isn't a Samsung and never will be at that shit level ever.

      • Also Miele isn't a Samsung and never will be at that shit level ever.

        and yet, have exactly same (2y) warranty period.

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          Mate you're not seriously believing what you write right? With Samsung you're desperately hoping that warranty dont run out even as you're using it. With Miele you wont care even when theres no warranty. Next thing you know, you're probably using the Miele for 10 years.

          Difference between German engineering and crap from Korea.

          • @fuzor: Still using our Miele washing machine from 2008 :P

          • @fuzor: Miele dishwasher going strong after 7 years.

        • Purchased my Miele front loader in 1992, zero service calls to date.

      • Have to agree…Miele quality is top notch. My Miele upright vacuum is still going strong after 13 years. Was hoping it dies so I can have an excuse to buy a cordless one, but no, these things are stubbornly built for life.

      • I bought a Samsung washing machine from a 2nds shop in 2006. still going stron.

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    I have this and it’s a great machine but I do regret not getting a bigger model. 7kg is too small

    • How long you’ve been using it for? How does it stand in front of Haier / LG / Samsung?

      • I’ve had it for about 2 years. It’s great, washes well, quiet, quick was is decent.
        Not sure how it stacks against haier, lg and samsung. I was deciding between the Miele and the Bosch waw284 model which my parents have. I’m happy I went Miele just would go 8or 9kg option next time

    • Agree. We have the old model (approx 4 years) and have to wash our queen bed sheets (4 pillow cases, one fitted sheet and a doona cover) in 2 separate loads. However, it does wash well and isn't super noisy. I'd buy another Miele, just a bigger one next time.

  • One of the best machine , I’ve ever owned in my house hold . I have changed literally everything within my house except my Dyson Vacuum cleaner and this Washing machine 9 years still going strong .

  • Miele 9 or 10kg machine is expensive?

    • Is it.

    • Your investment portfolio?

  • Check the price with appliances online. AO will install and balance the washing machine and take away any old one.