[Kogan First] Cuddle Hoodie Blanket (Sky Blue) $12.99 Delivered @ Kogan


Plush and fleecy like a throw, with a warm hood and a front pocket, the Cuddle Hoodie Blanket keeps you nice and snugly all winter long.

100% polyester
Reversible design
Built-in hood
Soft, warm and fleecy
Large front pocket
Machine washable

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    is this something new?

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    thanks to First

    • -2

      is this something new?

      It's what Ruslan wears all day…

  • +4

    Ordered one of these when they were $19.99.
    While the quality is OK … for the price … they are noticeably thinner (and hence less warm) than similar products (even compared to the BigW ones).

    • Would it be more suited for spring/summer? Asking cause the big w ones would be a bit too warm soon!

    • and hence less warm

      That is because it is made from woolyester…

  • Good to use Kogan credit on this for me…thanks OP.