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Champion Reverse Weave Hoodies from $27 + Delivery (Free for Members) @ Bonds


They're back, Ozbargain's favourite hoodie. A number of colours with fill size runs on sale. Excellent prices for an excellent quality hoodie. I'm holding off personally as I have a drawer full.

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        • says same for me as well!

    • same here placed two orders says on hold although payment is successful via paypal, weird!

  • Damn, just missed out. I grabbed a cropped hoodie last sale, and it was nice but I found that it was a little too high in the neckline so was hoping to grab a crew neck instead. These are really good value.

  • got a couple of the team red scarlet ones…

    champion hoodies have been my defacto WFH cold weather outfit for the last 1.5 years…

  • Amazing. 10 hours after posting and 3 hours after most people reporting things sold out, I was able to get the only colour and size I was interested in (blue Champion reverse weave hoodie in XXL) on 1st try. Paid with PayPal. Thanks for posting.

  • +1

    damn the Country Walnut in XXL ran out of stock juuuuust as I was about to check out

  • Are the reversable hoodies as per the pics - with the 4 drawstrings things rather then the normal 2 at the top ? If so, that looks weird !

    • +3

      That has nothing to do with reverse weave. Reverse weave is just the fabric type. The 4 drawstrings are for the 'double' hood hoodies.

  • go here: https://www.bonds.com.au/sale/mens.html

    filter by brand: champion

    there are still stock…

    not sure if they’ll be able to fulfill, my order was cancelled and got a refund last time

    • These are new colours so should be fine!

  • Love the sale but hate their damn website I honestly take forever buying stuff off their site because the way it works just confuses me and it loads so damn slow ugh I literally took like 2 hrs and then gave up because the site just cleared my cart all of a sudden, then did it later at 3am that night and went thru with it probs coz 2 many people on it earlier… Jesus

  • This should be updated. Heaps of better colours added.

  • Are they always this slow in dispatching orders ?

    Anyone received their order or at least was notified the order was shipped ? mine still says processing.

    • still waiting on mine.. they're definitely taking their sweet time.

  • +3

    my order just got refunded. well…

    • Refunded out of the blue?

      No communication or notification?

      • i got an email from bonds confirming that they refunded my order. it was split into two deliveries - one of which came yesterday - while the other items left were all refunded. one of those items was a red reverse weave hoodie

    • +2

      Same here. I got my order for the hoodie refunded today without explanation. It had been sitting in processing state for 2 weeks.

      Annoyed as I was looking forward to that hoodie.

      Not luck getting in contact with them either. Tried their live chat several times today without success. Tried their online contact us form but every time you submit you just get a HTTP bad request error.

      • +1

        Good luck with that. Tried calling them about my order taking forever and they had a prerecorded message saying how successful their sale had been and how they wouldn't take any calls about delayed orders from it. Considering how flimsy their website is, I'm sure they just ended up selling way more stock than they actually had.

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