Circa Home Candles 60g $7.50 (RRP $19) + Delivery @ Peter's of Kensington

  • Handmade in Australia.
  • Crafted from natural soy wax, and high-quality fragrant oils.
  • The jar is crafted from glass.
  • Has a lid with a wooden finish.
  • Perfect for a hit of nostalgia.
  • Beautifully presented in a Circa Home box.

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Peter's of Kensington
Peter's of Kensington


  • Hit of nostalgia being lockdown? Lol

  • Comment regarding the company (not the deal):
    I've placed one order with this company through eBay, and they are extremely slow to ship (>1 week after ordered and paid, 2 weeks later it's still haven't arrived).
    Do take note when ordering as it may arrive quite late (fine for me, since eBay gave me a $5 voucher for the delay)

    • Hi Highwind,
      I can take a look into this. Are you able to reply with your order number please?

      • Order number N497362 (ordered through eBay)

        • Your order was dispatched on Wednesday last week.

          I've messaged you the Aus Post tracking number in eBay for your reference.

          • +1

            @petersofkensington: Thanks, but I already had the tracking. It was ordered 23rd Aug, despatched 1st Sept. According to the tracking, it's bouncing between NSW and SA and back.

            • @highwind: Hardly there fault for the Aus Post delay aspect of it (although a week is a long time for dispatch)

              • @alfawex: Yep, just mentioning that despatch is really slow in case people want to order things as presents. Like I said, the delay was fine for me, and we all know Aus Post will do whatever they do with parcels…

  • +1

    I don't have many of the diffusers left. You can find them on our Daily Deal page

    Just scroll down a little bit and you'll find the diffusers just above the Circa Home Candles.