Scoopon issue ticket #6338. One of two locations closed, the other not willing to fulfill deal.

Scoopon has not responded to my refund request dated 30 Jan, despite acknowleging my problem with ticket #6338. =====PATHETIC========== I have two reasons for a refund. First I bought on the understanding I could redeem in Freo. Second, the remaining location said they were not redeeming any more vouchers. I had previously tried to redeem but they were always sold out for the next few weeks.

If Scoopon doesn't come through with a refund by Wednesday, I am going to go to the ADMA.

Here is what I wrote:

Fiorentina have closed the location closest to me. The deal stated I could pick up in Fremantle. Credits of $19 X 2 requested please. I can not make it to the NOrth Perth location. I have these two vouchers:


The north perth location will not be honouring scoopons any longer either.



    Hi voteoften - sorry to hear of your troubles.

    We've touched base with the support team and it seems there may have been a small tech error when we first attempted to respond.

    They've advised you've been in touch since and the query has been closed. Let us know if you have any other questions.

    Again, sorry for any inconvenience.

    Team Scoopon.


    Yes. I am satisfied. Thank you very much.

    I do think you have some issues outstanding from when you swapped over in your help system.


    Thanks Voteoften, will do that now.
    Did Scoopon refund your deal at the end?


      Yes. They gave me my choice of credit or refund. They had an issue with their emails when they did an upgrade. They say they sent me an email offering a credit or refund straight away. I didn't receive it.

      Scoopon is actually pretty good now.

      Cudo, living social and groupon are in my bad books….


    I have also had a very bad recent experience with scoopon: I purchased 3 vouchers for car washing services in Adelaide (Flufferz Carwash Cafe) and gave these out as Christmas gifts last year. I go to redeem my own voucher a few weeks ago, only to be told by the Carwash company, that they are not taking vouchers anymore because Scoopon was not providing them with their commission from the deal. The company explained that I would be able to get a full refund by contacting Scoopon. I did just that, and had been communicating with a guy called Jeremy from Scoopon who said that he has processed my refund of $87 for the cancelled vouchers, and to expect my refund back onto my credit card account in the next 7-10 business days.

    I checked my account after this time and disappointingly, I see that Scoopon have short changed me, giving me a refund of only $11 as opposed to the $87 I had been promised and was rightfully owed to me. I have tried contacting Scoopon to let them know this, multiple times over the past week to ten days - they keep ignoring me and closing the case each time I post a message to them. I have really had it with Scoopon; not only have I been left with the embarrassment of having to take back the vouchers from my friends and family… explaining that 'sorry they have been cancelled on me'…. but I am left with no vouchers and have received only an $11 refund, falling short of the actual amount that is owed to me.

    I have been lied to by Scoopon and I am disgusted that such an issue would result in complications and frustration on my behalf, in seeking the refund that I am entitled to.

    I plan to take the matter further if Scoopon do not provide me with the refund I am owed. Also media outlets are really interested in cases like this, particularly A Current Affair and Today Tonight.


      You should start a separate thread and include any ticket numbers.


      Strange. I got a full refund from Scoopon.

      If i was you I would do a chargeback as you have plenty of evidence on non supply of goods/service and mismatch of the refund.

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