USB Audio to Xbox360 Converter

Excuse my ignorance on the topic. I've done a little bit of research and I've seen headset units that come with a converter to use with the Xbox/PS3. Examples:
Logitech: (have a look at the gallery and see the box converter they use).

My dilemma is that I already have a wireless headset from Logitech (G930). This is a USB interface headset with microphone as well. What I was hoping to look for if possible, is just the converter unit that I could use to connect to my Xbox 360. Right now I have line in on my PC plugged into my xbox and I can hear sound, but it's all still through the PC and on top of that, there is no voice chat. I believe these units allow you to speak/listen just the same as any Xbox 360 headset.

If anyone could shed some light or perhaps even find me a good deal on one of these units it would be much appreciated. I assume this would come out cheaper than if I bought a completely separate headset system for my Xbox.

Thanks :3



    Hi, our F540 has been designed to work with Playstation 3, XBOX and to have pass through function via RCA. Unfortunately the G930 is PC only.