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50% off All Musashi Products + Delivery ($0 with $50 Spend) @ Chemist Warehouse


Stock up on half price Musashi supps before gyms open up again very soon!

I gave the new Musashi Protein Crisps a go, reminds me of LCMs- a bit sweet but texture is better than other chewy bars out there.

Remember if you buy more than 10 bars in stores, you'll get additional 10% discount ($1.99 bar becomes $1.79)

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    Thanks. Been waiting for this.

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    This is how I became the strongest person in my LGA

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    Remember if you buy more than 10 bars in stores, you'll get additional 10% discount ($1.99 bar becomes $1.79)

    Do you have to ask? Or is it automatic?

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      Its automatic :)

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      In-store only?

      • I put in 10 in my online cart, no 10% discount :(

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    When this says "recovery" does it offer any benefit to having aching muscles following a workout?
    Never really used protein supplements before so just curious.
    Edit: specifically reducing the time that you feel back to 100% after either resistance or aerobic training.

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      I think what you're referring to is DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).
      Eating or drinking protein doesn't reduce DOMS. Protein intake is however required for muscle protein synthesis (muscle growth).
      From my experience to reduce DOMS, you need to train the muscles more frequently at a heavy enough load and your body will then adapt to the stress.

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        Guess I'll pass on the protein then - thanks for the info.

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          The above person is incorrect. Depending on your current protein intake, taking an additional protein supplement may decrease DOMS due to providing an adequate intake of protein to REPAIR muscle as well as contribute to MPS. MPS is far from the only advantage of having an adequate or above base level protein diet. Protein is the building block for all cells in your body. All cells contain protein and the protein not only helps repair cells but create new ones.

          • @1v1MeTetris: Yes you are correct, Additional protein can help with DOMS and being able to return back to working out with no soreness quicker, if you were not getting the optimal amount of protein your body could use.

            • @lonewolf: I'm a Personal Trainer, I know. Yet I still got downvoted by people…

    • DOMS is good stuff, if you think about it, it means your muscle got a workout. Hurts like anything, but worth it if you think positively!! ;)
      As long as it's not an injury.

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    This'd be great if you could actually buy the items. Everything i want like the protein powder is out of stock or available in one store in Darwin, can't be added to cart anywhere, been that way for weeks so maybe they should get supply before advertising a BS sale like this?

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      I feel you my friend. Used to live in the NT. I had the same issue, had to click on a lot of items before finding things I wanted in stock. Ended up giving the 'shred' 2kg chocolate a go which was available for delivery.

    • I find you need to check daily and be prepared to travel.
      I work in the CBD but live past Palmerston so pass a few stores every day.
      I always get what I want but may need to pick up different products at different stores. I will generally pick up 5 coffees, 2x2kg protein powders a creatine and glutamine container during these sales. But I will pick it up from different stores and different days.

  • Would you recommend bars over the protein powder in terms of value if both on 50% discount?

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      Powder is virtually always better value per serve

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      protein powder is generally better value, however I'm a fan of bars because they are good snacks to munch on when you have an urge for something sweet (like dessert) etc.

    • I took a chance and bought like 20 of the rocky road bars last time this sale was on. No regrets, probably the best protein bars ive ever had. Always good for a "healthy" breakfast if you dont want the calories.

    • I love my vanilla milkshake post workout. Tastes way better then any bar ever will.

  • Huh, was wondering why I only paid $60 for some protein and pre workout today

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    OP ain’t lying about the Protein Crisp bars. Awesome taste, especially choc peanut flavour.

  • Will gyms really be opening up again soon? I have my doubts but keen to hear others' opinions.

    • My opinion: I think once respective states hit their 80% double dose then their gyms will re-open.

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        Gyms will be the last thing that open 100%

        Btw when is 80% target? 70% is mid october.

        • Not sure on the target, but I'm talking about 80% double dose. I'm think NSW and VIC and have flagged to ease some restrictions once we hit 70% in general for vac (not double dose)

      • If international borders are supposedly opened to NSW at 80% surely gyms will be before that….

        • I'll believe it when I see it.

  • Thanks, been waiting for this for a while. And the plant protein comes in 2kg now!

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    Apart from the 5g per serve, what is the different between high protein vanilla and the 100% whey vanilla?

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      whey contains amino acids and a broader range of protein not always produced in the body, i think?

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      I'm hoping to know too!
      So far, it appears the High Protein contains whey protein concentrate (WPC), whey protein isolate (WPI) AND milk protein solids, whereas 100% whey contains primarily WPC and WPI.

      I believe the 100% whey option may be better for anyone slightly lactose intolerant, but I'm not sure as to the difference in recovery or performance between the two.

      Hoping someone else can chime in if they know!

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        In general, WPI is the best bet for questionable stomachs. Casein is the WORST for this lol.

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      Note the amount of serves you get for each 2kg tub. I went the Whey Protein one since it’s 60 serves of 24g vs 44 serves of 30g. So all up about 9% more protein per tub with the Whey version. Of course you can adjust serving size to suit your needs.

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        Yeah I followed the same logic, I'd rather a 2kg tub last me 66 serves rather than 44, with the convenience of 1 scoop = 1 serve

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    Amazon normally matches, I need to stop eating protein bars.

  • Anyone know how Musashi compare to Bulk Nutrients. Are BN worth the premium?
    Specifically in Bulk Protein or Bulk Extreme vs. Muscle Food 101.

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      Unless you love a Musashi flavour specifically, much of a muchness. I am a Bulk Nutrients devotee thanks to the intersection of quality and price.

      Edit: if half price Musashi is cheaper, buy it for sure, it’s mostly the same.

      For protein bars, Musashi protein crisp are great, and Bulk have no bar options.

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      musashi mixes better in my exp

  • sorry I'm a lazy a#$ who want to get more fit, which one is good for a new starter?

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      This stuff is only going to help you if you're exercising to the point of feeling sore 1-2 days later. If you're just starting, focus on getting a program (you can find many on YouTube and Reddit) going and commiting to it. That will make the most difference straight out of the gate.

      If you're doing lifting/strength then these proteins will help but If you're just going on walks/runs, then simply having an extra meat in your diet would be far more effective.

      • thanks for your advice. The only thing I lift everyday is my lazy a$%, but it's time to change my habit. Do you know which channels/guys are good on Youtube?

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          Golden rule ‘you can’t outrun the fork’. No matter how much exercise you do, if you’re eating snacks all day you’ll never lose weight. So keep that in mind.

          First step I recommend is to use MyFitnessPal and figure out how many calories you’re consuming. Get this down as low as you can go, the less weight you carry the easier it is to lift and exercise.

          After that just type into YouTube whatever your goals are. Is it to get big? Just lose weight? Look trim but not too big? Type it in to YouTube and find something with a lot of views that you can do at home.

          After that make sure you do it 3-4 times a week. Anything less and it will be slow going. On the days where you feel demotivated, at a minimum do 50% normal. Once you’re going you’ll always feel like doing something, it’s just getting your exercise stuff on that is often the biggest hurdle.

          And ultimately no pain no gain. Find exercise you love doing, do it till you’re stuffed and puffing, and then repeat. If you tap out when it gets slightly tough, that’s nit really exercise.

          I do most of my routine at home with equipment that I purchased for Covid. Personally I found going to the gym too time consuming to regularly commit to it.

          And above all if you can’t do anything, walk. That at least gets you moving.

          • @JSONBourne:

            Golden rule ‘you can’t outrun the fork

            Thanks for your helpful advice, guess from now on I have to use chopsticks for the rest of my life.

            • +1

              @ntt: Now you have 2 things to outrun ;)

              • @JSONBourne: wow, that's very fast response, are you sure you're not Jason Bourne?

                • @ntt: Get some sleep Pam, you look tired.

        • I enjoy Jeff at athlean X on YouTube. But there is no shortage of big guys talking it up on YouTube.

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    Probably not the right place to ask but do these bars actually do anything other than fill you up when you don't want to eat actual food? Are they even safe for regular long term consumption looking at all the sweeteners? It's mostly rhetorical I suppose

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      The bars are a source of protein, much like any other food. They taste nice and are somewhat satiating, so yes they 'do something'.

      Yes they are safe, based on current research - artificial sweeteners are perfectly fine to be consuming in reasonable quantities.

  • Does anyone know if the 10 bar discount applies with click and collect?

    • When I loaded them into my cart online it didn't apply. The 10 for 10% off and 5 for 5% off seem to only be for in-store purchases. Can confirm the 10% discount for 10 is still happening as I got it today.

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    Musashi has the best bars IMO. Bought $100 of the bars, this is even cheaper than costco!

    • Which ones

  • Ah, I bought a 2kg protein supp when they were $66 2 weeks ago…guess I'll buy another one.

  • Noticed there bars have more fat than protein so for people with plenty of carbs and fats to burn they probably ok