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Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants Size 4-6 $8.50 ($9.50 off RRP) Click & Collect Only @ Chemist Warehouse


I am in the ACT and not many locations had stock left only one where I can do click on collect. Not sure about other stock levels in other states. Not the best price it has ever been but decent.

Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants

Size Weight Gender Pack Size Link
6 15kg & Over Boy 24 Link
Girl 24 Link
5 12-17kg Boy 26 Link
Girl 26 Link
4 9-14kg Boy 29 Link
Girl 29 Link

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    Similar price on bigw eBay store

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      Only size 3?

  • Has anyone tried the CUB brand ? I was initially sceptical and thought it to be far inferior to Huggies because 44 nappies were sold for 10$, but they were actually better than Aldi's and Huggies. Save some $$, try the CUB

    • been using both CUB and Huggies for a while.

      One advantage of Huggies nappy pant is that it has a sticky tape to wrap it up. I find it quite convenient.

      • That tape part always irritated my daughter so we had to rip it off or use Baby love. But I'm glad she is toilet trained as baby love now have the tape as well.

    • I like cub for my almost 2 year old, I use CUB/Woolworths/Aldi interchangeably and find them all to be great. But the cub nappy pants always leak for my son (4) overnight, Huggies seem to cope better with heavy wetting.

    • I just returned a pack of the Cub nappies this morning. Never had a leak before with other brands but day one of them had the entire cot soaking wet by 6am.

      Huggies and even Aldi are so much better for this reason alone.

    • Got cub a couple of times as a newborn but preferred Aldi. Grabbed some cub nappy pants the other day as we got caught without near coles. I have only used one and we had a poo leak - but he’d reacted to something so it was a liquid one. Having said that, the Aldi ones have withstood mega liquid poos so I’m inclined to stick with them. I think our daycare uses cub as well and haven’t had any problems, but I’m not keen on the smell when wet more so than than the Aldi. Need to start toilet training so we can move on from all of this!

    • We have a 4 month old boy and we found that the woolworths generic brand worked well.

  • No Deal on newborn! All the newborn items are more or less of same price everywhere!

    • there are no newborn nappy pants. Amazon Huggies ultimate has some discounts regularly. Sometimes as low as $18 per box (rrp $30)

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        Yeah no pants for newborns, but was commenting in general for lack of deals on newborn stuff.

        • The Aldi newborn ones are good and cheap at their regular price. Also newborn nappies are generally cheaper per nappy anyway.

  • thanks, 31c cashback was the highlight!

    • That’s just about 1 free nappy!

  • Size 4 no stock

  • Not enough stock !! :/ Too bad that was a great save.

  • Shame they don't do delivery on these items..ever, be it sale or not