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Handee Double Length Ultra Paper Towel 8 Rolls (120 Sheets / Roll) $12 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Good price for quality paper towel . The price was $20 so it dropped to $12 and is reasonable price I guess

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks OP, been waiting for this

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    Got some, Cheers OP :)

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    Coles has a half price sale on 4 packs at $2.75.
    Is it different to that?

    • Yes not double length.
      Coles have 2 pieces double length for $5.00
      Here you get 8 for $12.00

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        Coles is actually the better deal.

        Amazon is $1.50 for a roll of 120 sheets
        Coles is $2.75/4 = $0.6875 for a roll of 60 sheets.
        So two rolls from coles would be $1.38 which is 120 sheets.

        Obviously Amazon comes with free shipping if you’re prime.

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          Depending on where you live, Coles also may have Covid infestation.

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            @cainen: Silly boy. The covaids only infects small businesses and Churches. It is clever enough to avoid big business and sporting events.

        • Came here to say the same thing.

          Coles = $1.15 per 100 sheets
          Amazone = $1.25 per 100 sheets

          Coles is the real bargain (compared to this)

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        Woolworths has single packs of 2 of Double Length $3. I also don't have to buy so many rolls at a time. Or wait for shipping.

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      The proper comparison is with Woolworths; they have the two pack of this on special for $3.

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      => 4 x 60 so cheaper than this deal which is 2 x 120 for $3

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    That's the cheapest price I've seen for a handee

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    Has been under $10 in the past

    • At $10 it would be cheaper than Coles.

  • Price matching Woolworths I believe, Woolworths selling 1 pack (2 rolls) for $3. Amazon version seems slightly bigger than the Woolworths version so better value. Only thing is have to buy 4 packs via Amazon :)

    • Are they really different sizes? The Amazon product photos show the size as 22.5 x 20.5 cm per sheet, while the Woolworths photos show 22 x 20 cm.

      But both show the exact same bar code.

      I went and had a look at some unopened packets in my garage, and I've got packets indicating both sizes: I couldn't detect any difference in height between the two 'sizes' so I think it's just the manufacturer deciding to be more conservative with their advertised sheet sizing (I think the packs with the smaller size are newer).

      • It looks more like a sneaky move. They reduced it to 20cm on the packaging while keeping the actual size for a while. Once people stop comparing the sizes they'll quietly reduce the paper size.

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    good price

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    Thanks OPS … submitted and purchased!

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    are these better than the 3 ply quilton? $11 for 12 rolls, not double lengh

    • absolutely not. they are terrible.

      • as in quilton is better ?

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    Seems like this got ozbargain. When I try to add it, it says cart is empty. Anyone getting the same issue?

    • Yep, same here. Seems to say it's OOS now :-(

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    Still working for me .

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    Back in stock, just ordered some.

  • save your money - better off using newspaper than handee. go quilton or ideally viva.

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      Didn't find it worth it, costs me $10 per week for about 200 tabloid sheets and it creates black marks when i wipe.

  • Isn't quilton 12 for approx. 10AUD a much better deal?

  • they are $3 per 2 rolls at Woolies atm. Isnt it more convenient?

    • how so?

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    Quilton is 3 ply and this is 2 ply.

    • so Quilton much better AND cheaper.

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    Shows as $18 here

  • Back in stock now for same price $12

    • Damn, missed this again. it is OOS now. Thanks for OP for reposting.

      • Back in stock again

        • Just checked, says out of stock still? Anyone else got this?

          • @azndoom: They keep putting back in the stock but it goes quickly , again OOS.

  • Back in stock, just ordered

    • Nope. I seem to miss it every hour. This really sucks but thanks for the update ozbargainers

      • Back in stock .

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