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Palmolive Foaming Hand Wash Soap Japanese Cherry Blossom 1L $4.25 ($3.83 S&S) + Post ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Palmolive Foaming Liquid Hand Wash Soap 1L, Japanese Cherry Blossom Refill and Save, No Parabens Phthalates and Alcohol, Recyclable Bottle

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    Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash Soap 1L $3.90


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      This isn't foaming. My household just flies through liquid handwash and we find foaming lasts a little bit longer.

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        Pretty sure if you mix it 1:1 with water, its the same stuff. That being said, I'm too lazy to do that.

        • I might give that a go then

        • The flavours (if you will) aren't the same though. e.g. the regular liquid hand wash does not have lime and mint.

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          Mixing with tap water has impurities, use distilled.

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            @joelhinch: Just make sure you rinse off with distilled water after you have finished washing your hands then. It's not like you are drinking the stuff! There are more impurities on your hands before you even started washing. Pretty sure it will be manufactured using tap water as well.

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              @endotherm: The issue is not the water, it is the soap growing bacteria from the impurities in the water. Since the tap water and soap will be mixed and sitting in a bottle together for weeks or months theres plenty of time for growth.

              • @joelhinch: tap water has chlorine, pretty sure that inhibits bacteria growth…

                • @squidz: nope. chlorine does not kill all bacteria/parasites.

        • Pretty sure if you mix it 1:1 with water

          That mean for $3.90 you will have 2L.

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          I've been doing that for a while… 1:3 (soap-to-water) if you have a more 'dense' soap, like the coconut one

        • Yep, I put regular hand wash into the dispenser and added water until it foamed. Not sure of the exact ratio tho

        • Actually 1 part soap, 9 parts water is good enough. Once I learnt this I never looked back! Love the experience of foaming handwash, and no longer paying ~10x what it's worth.

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    We go through these way too fast with kids - need to start buying in bulk!

    • Get this instead and use it at about 20-25% with water.


      • That is body wash

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          lol fail

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          Similar products…. Will achieve the same outcomes

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          I mean, are your hands not part of your body?

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        I tried refilling with their normal handwash and it was way too thick. I eventually like you figured out to water it down with some water. Works really well. I guess this foaming handwash thing is a scam to sell you watered down normal handwash? :)

  • Are these good considering no anti-bacterial cleansing?

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    Thanks OP. Ordered 2

  • Any recommendations for foaming dispensers?

    • xiaomi

    • +1 for Xiaomi, cheap and reliable
      I have been using this one for over a year https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/xiaomi-mijia-automatic-... ($14 on eBay)
      You just need a screwdriver to remove the cap for refilling

      • $14?

      • These are brilliant, where did you get it for $14? Seems closer to $35.

        • Probably $14 BCI (Before Covid Increase)

      • Can you use these dispensers for normal liquid soap? Or does it have to specifically be foaming liquid soap?

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      Ops, sorry… it's $14 the refill bottle only :(.
      @robbiey no, you'll have to use foaming liquid

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    Thanks. $4.25 at coles as well.

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    If you wash your hands with this stuff, you’ll smell like cherry blossoms for a week.

  • Anyone know why my one doesn't foam up? Its just liquid.

    • This is a refill pack… You need the foaming dispenser to mix the air in

      • Can you recommend me one?

    • mine barely foams up, using the original foaming pump bottle too. Left a review below, but maybe I just got a bad batch.

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    Coles is having them at half-price too
    250ml dispenser = 1.75
    500ml refill = 2.75
    1L refill = 4.25

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    Back in stock now. Although "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months."

  • Just get a foaming soap dispenser - 20% regular regular handwash, 60% water, 20%air - swirl it around till it's well mixed and you've got the same thing - and cheaper too.

    I use the clear refills (rather than pearlescent/opaque) as they tend to mix better with water.


    I'd rather get the ALDI one, which is Made In AUSTRALIA

  • I do not recommend this, I bought a few bottles last sale, and noticed they do not foam up as much. I just finished the normal sized 250ml cherry blossom pump bottle and refilled that same bottle with this and noticed it barely foams up. The volume of the foam created is about 40% less somehow, and it's a tiny bit more liquidy. Compared to the original in the 250ml bottle (which should be identical to this refill), it has more of a watery feeling than soapy, and my hands don't feel like they've gotten a thorough clean, especially after touching raw meat or grease.

    Just checked, both are made in Thailand, and identical ingredients. The original made a nice blob of foam on the palm of your hand, but the refill splurts it out in a more watery way. I've already used half the bottle in a week vs a month or more with the original.

    It's ok I guess as it's own product, but when you have a comparison it's very clearly worse. I'm really hoping it was just the one bottle/batch that wasn't up to standard though.

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    Thanks OP ordered a couple

  • Has anyone got it yet?

    Mine is expected by tomorrow, but not yet shipped…

    • Still waiting - had to move my reminder to cancel S&S

      • Mine's been shipped as of last night.

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