Recommendations for A Larger Area Induction Portable Hot Plate

I’m very pleased with the IKEA Telredda smaller one, but now need a bigger size area for big pots. Anyone seen / bought one please?


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    I use the Westinghouse Induction Cooker 2000W Black IC01K.

    I would recommend it as I had the Breville Quick Cook beforehand which turned out to be a faulty unit. Design-wise, the Westinghouse looks better as well and also comes in a $200 twin configuration if you want two pots on at once.

  • Thanks for that, sounds good. Does it work with big pots like huge stew pots etc?

    Just read some reviews on Appliances Online - mostly positive but one person said that when you turn it on it starts on full as default and you have to quickly turn it down. Another person said it does not work with a big pot.

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      I only use my induction cooktop for hotpot.

      As an example, this hotpot works perfectly on top.

      The reviews are correct. It gets hot quickly so you need to adjust. Also, the button layout is a lot nicer to use than Breville's.

      • Interesting. Thanks.

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    I have one of these and it is a beast but requires a 15A socket, and might be in a different price range to what you're expecting.

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    Maybe if you define how big is big in diameter, more people will be more willing to help you find one?

  • Specifically 230mm + .

  • Do these get as hot as (or close to) gas cooktops? We have a ceramic cooktop but it doesn't get hot enough for stir-frys, etc, so I currently have to do them in a wok on the side burner of the BBQ. Don't think I need it often enough to justify a whole new cooktop, but one of these seems pretty cost effective if it will do the job.

    • An induction cooker gets a lot hotter than my ceramic cooktop and much faster too.

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    i highly recommend, nationwide electrical (NE). Ive bought their induction cooktop and have been using it for over 3 years now. I recently bought a wok burner and it's wok bench. fcken amazing! let me know if you need any details.

    If you need answers, you should call them up. Super helpful. Best customer service.

  • This is one that does actually mention the maximum size pot that can be used :
    “ Min pan size 120mm , max pan size 240mm”
    Caterlite Induction Cooktop 2kW

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