Which Infrared Thermometer Is Good for Adults?

I am planning to buy one for personal use but not sure which one to go for.

Can anyone recommend that will be good for home use and not expensive?

I found these 2 online.



Both seems to be similar but first one is CE approved.


  • CE approved

    This will have no direct bearing on the performance but it may be a sign that the manufacturer / distributor have some QA system in place. That said, it may not; I've dealt with enough "specialist" companies that flog cheap instruments (that are no better than cheaper ebay alternatives) with massive markups.

  • Looking at the specs the Kmart one is more precise. +/-0.2deg.C vs ±0.3C

  • I’ve heard the Kmart one is good. Tried to buy but has been out of stock in my stores

  • Thank you guys…. I was also thinking of buying from Kmart after looking at reviews. But wasn't sure if that will be right one.

  • Are infrared thermometers even accurate?

    • +2

      to a degree

    • +1

      I saw lot of hospitals and GPs using them after Covid hit. So, I assume they are if no 100% but accurate quite close enough.
      And, as hippy mentioned above, they are +/- 0.2 deg.C. I think that is quite reasonable for home use.

  • Found one more for $50 after $40 discount on amazon with 1,11,700 reviews.


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