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I’m in Sydney, any recommendations for Asian grocery online with free shipping over a certain amount?



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    what are specifically looking for?

    vietnamese products
    mainland chinese products
    korean products
    japanese products
    indian products
    thai products,
    filipino products

    eg you wont find a good selection of korean marinades at an indian grocery shop physical or online,

    going have to be more specific


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      Have to wait until September 25 to get groceries online though as they've been slammed with orders, so only focusing on Mid-Autumn Festival products at the moment. Plus OP might live in an area where they charge for delivery e.g. bottom half of Sutherland Shire.

      I love Thai Kee (my only source of decent ramen out here), but don't want to get OP's hopes up

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        i had mine delivered about 10 days after order.. and the stuff that was meant to be frozen arrive partially thawed. picked up at 9am and delivered 6 hours later in plastic bags.

        we sent an email and the portion of the products that were meant to be frozen got refunded,
        i'll give them a tick for that and shop again.

        • Yep, their customer service is great. I ordered soy potato noodles that were made by Seoul Foods. Beef was the first ingredient listed and there was no beef. They refunded my order AND gave me a gift card, even though it wasn't their fault there was no beef.

          They used to have silver foil stuff around their frozen goods but I guess they ran out of it or can't keep up as my orders now no longer come wrapped in it

      • It seems that Thai Kee mainly sells moon cakes?

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          Did you read the first sentence of my comment?

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            @kerfuffle: No, it is too long. No patience to read such long sentence. Next time make it shorter.

    • Those are some pretty expensive Wing Wah's. Local Tong Li stocks the single yolk lotus seed for $50 but these guys want $75. Are the rest of their pricing similarly uncompetitive?

      • The 2 Tong Li’s closest to me were shut due to infected workers working whilst infected.

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        yea i saw the wing wah price and almost fell outta my seat

      • some items are competitive and some aren't, just like a physical store you would look at the price before you buy, it depends on what you want,

    • Mostly after Chinese or Korean items
      Something like Tong Li supermarkets..

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    Amazon AU?

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    Hey mate we use this

    + Competitive Pricing
    + Wide selection
    + Free shipping over $100.00

    - About a 2 week waiting period for shipping, depending on how busy they are
    - Some items can be out of stock when they pick it for you

    All in all good and easy website to use.

  • Check out GoMart. Download the app to view their ranges. Depend on where you live. I can get free delivery if I order more than $18 of goods.

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    Don't use Harris Farm they filled my fruit and veg box with potatoes because they were out of tomatoes and lettuce

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      Don't think anyone thinks of using Harris Farm for Asian groceries …

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      Harris Farm has a limited range of Asian grocery products, the store is more focused on fresh veggies and fruit. The only 'Asian' items you'll find there are some fresh Asian greens, noodles and rice, a small range of premade sauces and that's practically it. Not the best place to find Asian grocery items.

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