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Handmade Knife Damascus Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Camel Bone Handle with Genuine Leather Sheath $55 Delivered @ PEPNIMBLE


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Handmade Knife Damascus Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Camel Bone Handle with Genuine Leather Sheath. $55 Delivered Australia-wide from Brisbane.

Please read more details, dimensions, weight etc. on the website.

Please also check here the same knife design with a different tint of camel bone handle.

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  • How many kills did the manufacturer make to get this finish?

    • haha….may be none…the manufacturer waited for the camel to die of old age :)

  • +3

    Thanks, bought one! Needed this for my hiking trip in 2023.

    • +1

      Thanks for that. Will ship it tomorrow.

  • +11

    It will keeel.

    • That dude is awesome

  • Nice! OOS though.

    Edit: Yellow handle in stock.

  • Looks like it's all sold out

  • Yes…just got sold out…

  • +1

    Please checking out the folding knife on our website. We will be posting more knives soon. Stay tuned !

  • +1

    Everything is out of stock - boo. I like the non-folding, will you get some more stock soon?
    On a side note - you sell computers and knives - I'm very confused

    • +2

      Yes..sorry…got sold out very quickly…..we have other fixed blades designs, all hand made, coming soon later this week…..please keep an eye on OzBargain deals here and our website.


      • Cool will do

        • Thanks :)

  • Oh wow, I would've jumped on this one. Oh well, looking forward to the next deal OP!

    • +1

      jumped on this one

      Lucky you didn't. Would have been painful

      • true…have to be careful when handling these beauties :) :)

    • yes there are some cool designs in line…will try to list them asap….thanks :)

      • Who handmakes them?

          • @pepnimble: No details there on who makes them, just that they are handmade

            Is it made in china?

            • @b2dz: It says Pakistan on the website

            • @b2dz: They are made to order in Pakistan by craftsmen using traditional skills.

              • @pepnimble: Do you know what metals are used to forge-weld the damascus?
                Listing 'Damascus' as the material is kind of ambiguous. Would be interested in the next listing if you can find out what's in it :)

                • @Dipaty: Hi,

                  The damascus is 1095 and 15n20 steel forged.

                  Thanks :)

  • +3

    Sorry to be that guy, but honestly Damascus is just a technique of layering steel and doesn't actually mean anything on the quality of the actual blade. It all depends on the steel used in the process, and unfortunately this advertisment doesn't stipulate the actual steel used which pretty much all decent knives do, especially hand made ones. Believe me, I used to make knives… At any rate, I wouldn't buy this knife expecting to actually do any serious work with it.

    • +1


      You are entitled to share your views.

      The blade material is Damascus 1095 & 15n20 steel forged. 300-500 layers, 9-13 folds. Hardness 56-57.

      We hire the services of genuine craftsmen of Wazirabad Pakistan who use traditional handmade knife making skills inherited from generation to generation for centuries. Our knives are a good blend of decent quality material, nice aesthetic looks and value for money.

      Thanks :)

      • +4

        No worries mate. 1095 is a good steel which will hold a good edge, providing it's kept clean and oiled. It will rust quite easily and stain quite easily also. If the knife is really 1095 as you say then it's a very decent price. Damascus out of Pakistan has been known to be made out of jam jar lids though lol so it's always going to be a gamble if you are really getting what the manufacturer says you are.

      • Info on folds doesn't make sense…

        300-500 layers but 9 folds if you start with 2 prices of metal becomes 1024 layers…

        • not all folds result in a doubling of layers….

          look at the letter Z it has 2 folds, 3 layers….
          W has 3 folds, 4 layers

  • Mine arrived today and I must say, I’m really impressed with the quality. It has a great weight to it and doesn’t feel cheap at all. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ll test it out a bit while on the farm or take it camping.

    • +1

      Glad to hear that you are happy with your purchase. We are sure you will also be happy when you use it. Please note that after use dry the blade and apply light layer of some oil like olive or any other edible oil. If you planning to store it long term you can apply a layer of paraffin wax or similar non-toxic substance. High carbon steel knives need that care.

      • Thanks for the follow up. I didn't know to do that. Will make sure I do!

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