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Lucca Toaster & Kettle Breakfast Pack $39 Delivered @ Australia Post



The Lucca Toaster and Kettle Breakfast Set is made from durable stainless steel and sits stylishly on any kitchen or office bench. Use the 2-slice toaster and matching 1.7L kettle to make the morning easy, or as an easy addition to the break room in the workplace. You'll be making the perfect toast and cup of tea or coffee in no time.

Breakfast Pack from durable and quality stainless steel
Kettle has a 1.7-litre capacity and 360-degree swivel base
Matching toaster has seven browning settings as well as defrost, reheat and cancel functions

Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H):
52.5 x 24.5 x 20 cm

3.2 kg

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    Can someone explain why Aust Post are selling toasters and kettles. Certainly not a core business deliverable.

    • +1

      For the same reason petrol stations sell chocolates and pies.

      • Fair enough, although those are more related to impulse purchases. Having said that, the roll out of Pie Face to petrol station outlets has changed that probably.

        • -1

          Not entirely.
          See the thing with Petrol stations is that, even 20 odd years ago (when I knew someone that owned a Mobil Brand Service station) that they would make more profit of a couple of chocolate bars then they did off a full tank of petrol.

          Not sure exactly how that equates to the value of fuel now and cost fo staff, electricity, white good, pump maintenance, etc but this has been a thing for a while.

          Thus why most service stations also have a franchise attached to it as well.

          But for Australia post… now I’m not sure if I could apply the same logic there as fir petrol stations,
          To me it more looks like an old business model that felt they had the monopoly, and thus got lazy and didn’t update their business model until it was almost too late.

          Shared a plane ride with one of the now previous Aust Post CEOS and she said they were having a difficult time retraining their ‘posties’ to now be delivery persons.

          Going off the way the aust post contractors are in my area (not rural, but not cbd either) I can see how they may not have adapted that well.
          Received an email and aust post message today stating I was receiving a ‘required signature’ parcel today.

          As I wasn’t home today, I expected to get a note saying ‘please collect’ and so circumvented and went to the ‘one of two’ (yup.. they can’t even decide which post to Recife my parcels from) and asked whether this was the case.

          Hold up now¡ they told me I… yes, myself, had signed for and received said parcel. WTH¡. I explained to them that this was actually impossible and yet they just ignore me and told me if I had a problem to call their main number. Well done for customer service. (You can’t complain about someone’s customer service when they don’t actually have any to start with I guess)….

          I Might have to buy some ‘Aust Post’ memorabilia, as I’m not sure they’re going to be around much more with the way they Currentyrun things from my perspective.

    • +3

      Can someone explain why Aust Post are selling toasters and kettles

      What would you do with all the lost items?

      • You forgot to add ‘overpriced’ items. Except when they’re on sale.
        I guess having a captive audience forced to see their ‘impulse buy’ tactics while you wait for extended periods of time in a long line while the several counters are not open and only one staff member slowly serving each customer…

  • Besides my two cents in the above comments.
    I am actually in the market for a good reliable kettle and toaster deal.

    Tried looking for this ‘Lucca’ brand online for reviews. I could only find one for cafe style coffee machines.
    Wondering if this brand is any good¿

    • Need to lucca more I feel..

      • +1

        Can't.. 🎼 I live on the second floor 🎵