Shall I fix my PS5 or get a refund?

My ps5 wont turn on.. it crashes, flickers, and i contacted support and they have offered a full refund after a very hectic process. Is it worth getting a refund or shall i get it fixed


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    Do you still want a PS5 or not?

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    You should persist with the broken PS5.

  • i do want a ps5 but i cant decide

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    by fix do you mean fix it yourself or it will be fixed under warranty by sony or an authorised repairer? don't try to fix it yourself, you'll almost certainly void the warranty and you may not be able to fix it.

  • i was thinking to fix it on my own, but now i won't…

    Yes, it would be fixed under warranty

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      If Sony can't, what makes you think YOU can? lol

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      Just ask for a replacement console

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    Definitely refund for me, can't beat new. And you never know if your fix doesn't come back to bite you in the future. Then again hopefully the fix isn't a refurbished version?

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    Just get it replaced. They usually have priority consoles for replacements.

  • Alright thanks, guys I will go for a replacement…that is what my friends are forcing me for too

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      When OZB > friend's advice.

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    Signs up for an account on a deals website to make a single forum post about a faulty game console.

    Well-played Mr Troll, well-played.

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    What sort of question is this?

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      A soliloquy? "To be or not to be, that is the question."

      It's "R U OK?" day, is OK to speak your mind and how one feels.

    • The person who said "There is no such thing as a stupid question" was wrong.

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    If anyone remembers Herman's Head? You can imagine the drama in OP's mind.

    • I bloody loved that show. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the trailer for Inside Out… "hey, they ripped off Herman's Head!" :D

      • I didn’t realise one of them became Lisa Simpson. Couldn’t correlate the voice until some TV show, had all the people doing the voice over. It was her natural voice too - lol.

        • Yeah, Yeardley Smith. It's all a bit hazy now, but I vaguely recall there being a reference to this in an episode of Herman's Head. She was talking to somebody on the phone and yelled something like "No I do not sound like that cartoon character!".

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    Well this is an intelligent question

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