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Dometic Portable Fridge Freezer 44L $499 @ ALDI


From Aldi's website:
Gross volume: 44L
Holds 62 cans
Waeco AC/DC compressor
Digital control panel
Dimmable LED screen
Cooling capacity: -18°C to +10°C
Internal LED light
Includes 12V and 240V adaptors
Includes insulated protective cover
Weight: 23.2kgˇ

Note: Aldi doesn't say product number, however looking at the images it seems the product is CFF45

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    Yeah it looks like the CFF45. I’ve got one and still running perfectly fine. Bought it 4 years ago. They’re bloody good!

    • Do you run day and night or just on occassion when camping? Wondering if suitable for a second fridge for the games room, stocked up with some drinks etc.

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        Don’t see why not. We use ours on occasions when needing extra fridge capacity, not just travel.
        However if using all the time could get a larger bar fridge cheaper. It would run cheaper too.

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          No way the bar fridge is cheaper to run. This fridge by design has better thermal insulation unless you take things out of it every 15 min.

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        We run our WAECO 24/7 as a second fridge when we're not camping, a couple of years old now and hasn't missed a beat. The 3 year warranty is solid as long as you register the product, use it as much as you want there's no warranty condition on usage time.

        Portable fridges by design are quite efficient - we haven't even noticed a bump in our power bill compare compared to when we used to run a second full sized fridge or bar fridge.

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    Great for lockdowns

  • Haven't ever bothered with an Aldi special deal before after seeing the queues on trash current affairs shows years ago. What's it like these days? Could I rock up to my local Aldi at opening time and pick up one of these without too much trouble, or is it going to be a lucky dip?

    • Most likely lucky dip, but earlier you go the better your chances are, provided that there hasn't been a delay on the special buy item.

    • Depends on the deals, if it's the sort of thing that appeals to 40-60 year old women you are in trouble, but I would imagine something like this wouldn't be too bad.

    • Go before closing time the day before. I've noticed a few times now some stores move their display platforms around and get the next days stuff out ready for the next morning at that time. And if it's not already out then obviously get there first thing on the first morning it comes on sale.

      I only look at the middle aisle of Aldi to remind myself why I never buy their crap. Obviously this is a real brand item though.

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    I think you may now be able to check stock via the Aldi website..

  • Anyone who's got one, how much power (watts) do these things use. Max / on average? Cheers

  • Holds 62 cans

    I'm in.

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    I wonder if you could get a price match on this from somewhere else. A great price for this fridge. From memory it uses less power than some of Dometic's higher end models as it doesn't have as many bells and whistles

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    I don't think the one in the Aldi catalogue can be the CFF45 because the weight is different - 23.2 kg for the one being sold by Aldi and only 18.6 kg for the CFF 45 per the Operating Manual (found online). That's quite a weight difference. It could mean the model being sold by Aldi has a different and heavier compressor or heavier insulation. It would be nice to know what the differences are and whether its a newer and better model than CFF45 or something inferior. No doubt the model number and technical data will be in the Operating Manual that comes with the unit but it would be nice to know this stuff before queuing to buy one.

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    Grabbed one (CFF45) at $499 from BCF today. The gross weight is 23.2kg. The Aldi may have same one for sale.

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    Thanks for heads up blastlee. We went to BCF today and bought a CFF45, usually about $750, on Special for $499. No FOMO in queue at Aldi for me now! According to the sales person at BCF the unit being sold by Aldi is not identical to the CFF45 at BCF. He said the Aldi one has a different compressor which he says is an older style Danfoss compressor that weighs more and uses more power than the compressor in the current CFF45 sold by BCF. Just saying ……..
    I am a great fan of Aldi and like the quality of most of its Special Buys.

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      Surely if both the BCF CFF45 and the ALDI weight the same as blastlee said then its the same product

  • Did anyone end up getting one from Aldi? We just sidled on down to BCF instead and got 9% off with discounted egift cards… Interestingly, a staff member initially thought they were out of stock, must've been popular in the days previous.

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    The Aldi catalogue says their one weighs 23.2 kg. The specifications for the Dometic CFF45 says it weighs 18.6 kg. I suspect this is the weight without the removable handles and possibly without the baskets. I tried to weigh ours (the BCF one) but too awkward to get an accurate weight on my small scale. I would think that anyone who bought from Aldi would have received a manual which would have the accurate model number.

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      It is the cff45, think its the weight with/without the cover

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