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GoPro HERO9, HERO9 Black Dual Battery Charger, 32GB SD, Spare Battery & 1-Year GoPro Subscription $529.95 Delivered @ GoPro


I've been looking around and this seems like the best deal, it also includes the GoPro subscription which gives a no questions asked new GoPro at $99 (similar to DJI's refresh plan)

Hero9 - $459 (full price $599.95)
SD $0 ($20 value)
1 year Subscription to GoPro $69.99
Charger $0 ($89 value)

Hope it helps! I'm not sure when the sale will end - they say until stocks last.

*A heads up that GoPro usually releases their new action cameras at the end of Sept/early Oct

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    FYI, GoPro usually announces new products in September.

    • Yep… This is a nice price but they usually have good deals on the new models when they're first released…

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    no questions asked new GoPro

    Assuming you have to provide the broken GoPro just like DJI? So if you hypothetically lost it in the bottom of a canyon you wouldn't be able to get a new one?

    • Yeah exactly, if you lose it in the sea or something like that you can't get a replacement but if you blow one up and send it in bits you can

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        Dear GoPro, here are the blown up remains of my GoPro 9. It was attached to my GoPro 2 at the moment of the explosion, so you might find all the debris is from GP2. However, cross my heart, pinky swear, that a GoPro 9 was also blown up.

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        Not at sea, but I lost one I in a lake waterskiing between lockdowns earlier this year. Contacted support and politely asked what they could do (was hoping for a discount code maybe).

        They ended up sending out a replacement, including a replacement extra water proof case. Others may not have had the same experience, but I couldn’t be happier.

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      As much as I would like to see the replacement for the lost device, can you imagine how many people would just get a second camera?

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        Yeah it makes sense.

        I guess what I'm trying to say is if anyone finds a GoPro 3 in a canyon in the Blue Mountains with photos of me on it, hit me up!

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    You can actually not pay for the subscription if your cancel it from PayPal straight away

    • You pay the year up front for this deal, not month by month, so I don't think that'd work. You should cancel the subscription though to ensure you don't forget about it as it'll auto renew at the end of the year.

      • So basically what happens is you pay for the gopro first and the subscription comes out of your PayPal 2 days later and if you cancel straight away, you don't pay it. I did that and never paid for the the subscription

        • Hmm, last year it only appeared as a single charge for me.

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    GoPro Hero 10 is already leaked.
    Prob hold and see?


    • Yeah I'll wait for the 10

  • Thanks for posting, looking at them atm, thought the gopro8 might have been a better buy from GoPro direct for $420. Might hold out and see what deals can be found when the 10 releases

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      The 8 always worried me with the integrated lens tbh…

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    I had a terrible experience with GoPro even with the subscription. Buyer beware


  • Does the OZB community have a goto recommendation for a camera that does everything? Blogging, indoor, outdoor, action, low light, bang for buck, easy to use, decent audio.

    • Use cases probably too varied for one camera. My Sony A6600 is very different to what I use a GoPro for.

    • Sony ZV-1 or ZV-E10 are vlogging focussed cams if that's your thing

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      decent audio

      Most on-board mics are terrible.

  • Yea I ordered this a couple of days ago. Wanted one for when I go mountain biking. Note that they do not ship from Australia. Mine was shipped out of Singapore.

    Also ordered the Sports Kit Accessories Bundle from Amazon AU which has the chest mount and handlebar/seatpost mount for $49. Still on sale for anyone interested.


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    Dont know why I'm getting $629.95??

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      Are you selecting the:
      HERO9 Black + Accessories Bundle
      That appears to be $630

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        Additionally it looks like the deal including the dual battery charger is over.

  • Hasn't it been at this price for quite often in the last year?

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      Ive only been watching a while but it doesnt look like its any sort of out of this world deal no

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      The price is always around the same, it's the included accessories that differ and IMO the dual battery charger was a good one.