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1000-Piece Puzzles $9, T-Shirts $9 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ EB Games / ZING Pop Culture


EB Games and ZING Pop Culture have a decent range of their 1000-piece puzzles and T-shirt for $9. Heaps to choose from like Disney, Simpsons, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pokemon and more.

See the full range here:

1000-Piece Puzzles $9


T-Shirts $9


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    Zing: 243 items yet only 29 in stock for delivery (and even less in regular sizing).. and half of them look like pyjama tops

    At least EBs got around half available for delivery.

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    Thanks OP, ordered the $9 Simpsons puzzle for C&C.


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      Got that last time, recently finished & I recommend. The whole family chipped away at it slowly, so everyone doing bits worked out really well.

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        BTW, got to hand it to Zing, I bought the puzzle for local C&C but they were out of stock, so they offered to ship for free. Not bad for a $9 item!

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        Did you find it annoying that you had to use the (small) picture on the box as a reference for reconstructing the puzzle?
        I started to get eyestrain.

        • Oh yeah, big time. We'd move to near the window for some more sunlight & squint at the tiny picture, but even then when scanning up & down/left to right, I'd still not find a character. At least it all worked in the end (it took so long, I thought the kids would have accidentally lost a few, the small pieces stick to sleeves rather well).

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    For those ordering T-shirt’s, I got one delivered today. Sizing seems to run larger than standard.

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      hopefully the puzzles pieces fit better!

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        Lol! Yep, got a puzzle to make up for it lol

    • What size did you get? How much bigger was it?

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        I got an XL as a gift and measured it against a XXL standard target cheapo tshirt. And it was even a touch bigger, unless existing tshirt shrunk in the wash lol. But it looked huge. I even measured it beforehand with tape against their measurements. But again, I could be wrong. I think on another post people said the jackets run big. Maybe someone else who have for them before and physically worn it can shed some light on the sizing?

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    Bummer, the shippings as much as the puzzle.

    • More for me😥
      Edit wait a second now it’s gone to zero ordered.

  • $9

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    Are the T shirts unisex?

    • all shirts are unisex…

    • No, they’re monosex

    • I think the sizing is men sizing though for those with men and women models.

  • Scotty from marketing would be all over this

  • +1

    shirts are printed on the worst possible blank tees available, don't do it. Puzzles are fun however.

  • Thought it's 1000 PIZZAS when first read title, maybe I should update my glasses prescription now..

    • Should have gone to spec savers :)

  • no age of empires tshirts :(

  • no stock for c&c on the puzzles.. and $9.95 express delivery EACH to newy.. nahhh

  • The Simpsons puzzle slaps, partner started it with me then came back when I had about 50 pieces left.

  • Some Coles (at least Aspley Hypermarket in Bris had a few Monday night) have a 500 piece Simpsons cast puzzle for $3.75 on clearance leftover from Father’s Day range.

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    Only problem with this puzzle is the picture on the box is quite small (14 x 10 cm) so it can be tricky figuring out what's what among the sea of faces. This picture might help, or even this one.

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    so, with EB and T Shirts

    firstly, I selected click and collect and then set my local store. It still brought up all t-shirts, even if not a single size of that shirt was in stock at that store.

    So then I thought I would order the four shirts, in three different sizes, for home delivery. They want to charge me 3 times for delivery as each size of the same shirt is at a different fulfillment centre.

    Thanks, but no thanks…

    • Same here, I went to checkout and got 3 X $14.95 for postage..

  • Cheers, got a couple of shirts for the kids.

    • Did you get them already? I got a size 6 and it looks like a size 4 at the most…. Tiny fit.

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    Thanks I got free shipping somehow

  • What's Puzzlerice?

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    Bought this Simpsons puzzle just before a lockdown. Can confirm that it took a significant period of time to complete.

    • Wish they restock again soon.

  • EB: "No stock within 100km of Melbourne" (click and collect).

    Shipping $14.95.

    • i saw them at coles n woolies

    • EB shipping prices are weird, I ordered an XL hoodie last night and it was $8 shipping. Surely a puzzle is smaller/lighter than that.

      • the puzzle boxes barely weigh anything, it's just paper. Hoodies are heavier.

  • This deal has been going on for a while I think. Remember seeing a previous post about it.

    I've had my order sitting in a Zing store for a couple weeks now lol. To go pick up when uhh "conditions are more favorable" (I'm in Melb).

  • Doh! No Simpsons puzzle available nearby for me :(

  • Bugger, they refunded my purchase saying there was no stock.

  • Has anyone tried or bought Star Wars 10000 piece puzzle? Any feedback is appreciated