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[NSW] Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream 485ml Tubs $1 Delivered (Inner Sydney Only) @ Send App


If you live in a SEND delivery area in Sydney then check the app. Flash sale on usually overpriced tubs of ice cream.

Free delivery promo continues, too!

Mod Note: Send App only delivers to the following suburbs:

  • Chippendale
  • Darlington
  • Newtown
  • Redfern
  • Eveleigh
  • Waterloo
  • Alexandria
  • Zetland
  • Beaconsfield
  • Macdonaldtown
  • Erskineville


Edit - looks like the deal was first posted on Instagram at least 90min before being posted here. But it took less than 40mins for OzBargain to wipe it out. 🤣

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  • +4

    Should be marked as NSW

    • Good call.

      • Wish it was VIC, saw it within a minute of you posting the deal and thought I could beat the crowd!

  • +2

    I clicked the link and tried to press add to cart a few times…

    • 🤣

  • Can't find this App in App Store. Anyone has the link to App?

    • Added to description.

      • Thanks. Was in a screaming hurry to post it before it gets nuked.

  • +3

    Looks like only inner city suburbs as well

    • +1

      Booo.. Oh well, saves me from eating even more junk food.

      • Your waistline thanks you :)

      • U scream…. I sCream

  • +2

    List of available suburbs on the app:

    Not sure if they would service suburbs near by.

  • Very limited suburbs.

    • -1

      According to the rider, their operations centre is at Alexandria and they're in pilot phase at the moment.

      But these parts of the Inner South and Inner West would be home to probably 60K people (lots of high- and medium-density apartments).

  • Nice find, sad not in the region area but very nice deal OP

  • +5


    EDIT: Impressive! That was my first order with them. Arrived in 12mins, packed on a disposable ice brick and they threw in a couple of bags of chips. Most amusingly, the rider apologised for the delay!

    You can only order one of each flavour per order BUT I've just discovered that you can place another order after the current one is delivered!

    Update 2:
    SEND Customer Service called to apologise that second order would not make the 15min delivery window on my second order. $20 credit!

    Update 3:
    Second order delivered from slightly amused rider. Dropped-off the bag of loot (which included some freebie bags of chips again‽) to the next door neighbours who are 14 days home isolation. Good karma win when then opened the front door.

    • +1

      That’s generous!

    • +1

      Good times! You essentially got paid (albeit in credit) to get tubs of B&J delivered. Impressive

  • Why is Sydney CBD not listed??? :(

    • So close….yet so far!

  • How can they earn money?

    • +2

      I suspect it's a loss-leader promo to build (read: buy) customer base and brand recognition. Definitely worked on me. Spotted an ad for them on Instagram earlier in the week and signed up just in case I needed something. I definitely do NOT need 2.4L of B&J ice cream but….you know.. OzBargainer at heart!

      • Thanks for your explanation, learnt something new XD

  • Appears they removed it from the app

    • OzBargained 😁

  • even though i live in the area, couldn't find any ice cream available. just says "watch this space…"

    • Obviously a limited number of items for the promo. Two flavours had even sold out between me getting the push notification and placing my first order.

  • All flavours are marked as 'back soon'.

    App deleted.

    • Hehehe… OzBargainer temper tantrum 😁

      I've had the app installed for a few days "just in case" and it was worth it today. Definitely NOT a replacement for my local Colesworthldi but I can see how they could carve out some market share.

      There's also MILKRUN, VOLY and others which all seem to have a similar value proposition. Will see who survives I guess.

  • Yep not working here either. Bait and switch or just didn't think of the ozBaragin effect?

  • Unpopular opinion - Ben & Jerry's is not overpriced.

    • +2

      Second that, they are using premium ingredients, fresh cream, and milk.

    • It doesn't come close to Messina, Serendipity and others….but definitely better than Pauls, Streets, Connoisseur etc

    • I love the stuff but can't bring myself to pay full price for a pint

  • My wife loves Ben And Jerry’s ice cream. I need a new wife. That ice cream tastes worse than black and gold ice cream to me.

    • +1

      Whilst taste is relatively subjective, I think we can all agree that your wife has terrible taste (in men).

      • +1

        She’s an awful dresser as well. So you’re probably right. :)

  • +1

    Just ordered a 'Half Baked' flavour. Seems to be back in stock today

    • +1

      Yep. I just ordered a tub, too!

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