$500 Budget for Small Office Fit out at Work

G'day Ozbies!

Just got offered a newish role at work and have been set aside a $500 budget to kit out a small office.

Basically just need a desk and chair, but I'm wanting the money to go far, also having a little leftover for extras would be a bonus. It'd be sweet also to support some smaller, Melbourne based business instead of going to a chain like Officeworks. Defo up for second hand stuff too!

Any and all advice would be super duper appreciated ✌️



  • Home office, or office office?

    • It's at work, so an office office I guess.. It'll be used for maybe 4-5 hours a week max, in a dusty little space in a flour mill. So definitely doesn't need to be fancy haha

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        Flour mill, sounds rustic.

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    A decent office chair is going to cost close if not more than $500

    • Doesn't need to be decent, plenty online that I can see between $200-300..?

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        If you have a long sitting job, don't cheap out on chair. Long term impacts of bad sitting is very high.

        If my work offer this, i would use the money for a good chair. Rest everything can be bought cheaply from fb marketplace.

        • As bargainhunteroz said a chair is one thing you never want to cheap out on. If you do you will end up spending triple as much on a chiropractor every couple of weeks.

  • look on FB Marketplace

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    Midnight Servo raid for milk crate seating.

    Local electrical wholesaler for spare unwanted giant cable drum for table.

    Local construction site for 6 cinder blocks meant for kids hospital , repurposed for shelving when combined with some plywood sheets swiped from kurbside pickup.

    Meat pie and farmers union iced coffee because all the run around deserves a good smoko feed.

    Pocket the $490 and feel good about saving the world with recycling/reusing/repurposing.

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    IKEA desk of choice and one of their $200 chair. Simples.

  • I would also suggest a laptop stand (which consequently means a keyboard and mouse) if you don't have a second screen.

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