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[eBay Plus] Artiss Standing Desk Height Adjustable Motorised Electric 120cm $379.90, 140cm $389.90 Delivered @ ozplaza eBay


I have been on the lookout for a standing desk for a while as I missed out on all those sweet deals in the past weeks.

I already own the140cm black top version for past 6 months, which my wife pinched for her back pain remedy. Recently had a fall off bike and tail bone fracture so wanted something quick to ease the recovery.

I know this is not the cheapest or has the memory option. But certainly does the job of a electric desk.

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    FYI these are the single motor ones. Price doesn't seem particularly low for single motor but I guess it's good for post-NSW lockdown. For reference, a good price for artiss dual motor 140cm was around $450.

  • Is this a nice-ish Desk though ? or would i be better off spending money to get the nice one from ikea ?


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    you're better off hanging with a dual motor frame PLUS your own benchtop

    i think 1,200mm is a joke.

    1,400 is better but again, just dont bother with their tops

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    My foot gets tired from standing desk

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      they recommend 15mins standing, 45 mins sitting every hour or get the fatigue standing mats.

  • i just paid $287.02 for the single motor with 140cm table top the other day. and also $270 for the single motor 120cm table top. This was with the 17% PSVES17 code (expired). https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/203567222622?ViewItem=&item=2035...

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    Why is everyone so p#ssy for the quality of the desk? Seriously are you going to spill water on it everyday and use it as a work benchtop?

    I bought this 140cm desk last year and used it every single day, not a single problem at all. Water (hot and cold) spilled over and nothing.

    I paid $300 and it was worth every single cent.

  • Buy the double motor. I have one and from Artiss and it is excellent quality. Very happy. I bought it without a desk top and then bought what I wanted seperately.

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    I bought this guy for about $200 (ebay 20% off plus giftcards:

    Then added a 1800 × 750 tabletop (comes in other colours) for $130 delivered:

    For around $330 I get a much bigger standing desk which has dual motor. I think this is a better way to go if you can wait for another discount on the frame (which occurs fairly regularly).

    • could you share a picture of your desk? keen to see what the table top wood looks like in real life.

    • That's awesome.

  • Do yourself a favor and get a dual motor setup. But then again, table top so small, you can't put anything on it

  • I bought a 1500mm bamboo from Zen Space Desks a few weeks ago.. with the power management (8 plugs) and an additional power + usb c + usb a on top.

    Man oh man, I bloody love it. I figure i am just working from home from now on so the $1100 price tag is worth it. The cable management is wonderful.. one plug.

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    I've been using my single motor 140cm Artiss standing desk for 2.5 years, still running great!

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    I have one of these and it wobbles like a female porn star without a bra on a treadmill.

    spend the extra and get the more expensive IKEA one, that one is solid.

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