What Have You Found That Is Cheaper to Buy Overseas than Australia?

Curious about peoples bargain discoveries when browsing online or maybe travelling overseas (hopefully we can travel again soon).


    • UK postal system definitely isn't run to make any money. Seems that way anyway. I've had DVDs etc sent from UK for less than $10

  • Japanese streetwear brands such as WTAPS, Bape, Cav Empt


    Matcha/Green Tea

  • PC Components

  • Home

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    Car parts.
    About 3 years ago I bought standard stock springs and dampers from ford in Germany and had it shipped in a Boat for 1/3rd of the price from Ford Australia.


    • This. I get my parts from the US or EU, once you include shipping they are still less than 1/2 the price of buying here.

  • Houses

  • Almost EVERYTHING!
    Except basic food items
    We are lucky there

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    • Services/ repairs… tailoring, laundry, shoe repair, mobile repair, plumbing, electrician, barber, carpenter, etc.
    • Houses and furniture
    • Cars
    • Jeans (and other clothes)
    • Watches
    • Electronics - printers, laptops, mobiles, projectors, etc
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  • Hookers, Booze, Drugs and pretty much everything else except good quality healthcare and food

  • Absolutely everything, but my bags are always full of food when I come back from a trip overseas.

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    Electricity: Despite having loads of cheap coal and gas and also ample sunlight, we have the second highest cost per kWh in the world, only being beaten by Denmark.

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    Generic medication. Slow release melatonin is ~8 cents per pill including shipping from the US, in Australia it's $1.20.

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      Which website do you buy it through?

      • Try iherb. It's where I got it from

        There was an iherb deal recently plus also don't forget cashback

      • What pandaman said, iHerb.

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    any electronics from US

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    Everything…. and get this… the Aust Govt have slapped a 10% tax upon all sale outside Aust. Yet, they charge 10% in that foreign currency. A $100usd item attracts $10usd…but this is more than 10% in Aust terms.

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      That's still 10%

      What is worth complaining about is that postage is included in the total price for calculating duties

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    Haircut :/

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    Pretty much everything. I struggle to find something cheaper in Australia.

  • Anything that requires labour.

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    Tools, Electronics, Clothing, Software, Food.

    Basically everything, the joys of being the lotto country.

    There are things Australia does well, like baby formula and vitamins with high standards compared to wet market capital where covid originated.

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    Games from Argentina

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    Car parts

    Can get most OEM parts Shipped from Dubai in 4 days at fraction of the cost here.

    Most stupid was "Whiteline" brand aftermarket suspension parts. These are made here in Sydney but was cheaper to buy from UK and have it shipped here.

    • What site do you use?

      • https://partsouq.com/

        Look shady AF but bought heaps from them. make sure you have OE part number.

        Last thing was a Kia wiper fluid pump, dealer wanted $200 to diagnose, then decide if it was a warranty part. If not part is $180 + labour, so would of cost me $380 + labour. Part Souq, got the part in 5 days, $45 to my door, genuine OE part.

  • People

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  • Frozen pizzas in the UK. And fresh fruit like mangos. It gets imported from all over Europe and Africa so you can get mangos from Egypt cheap at the markets and frozen pizzas from Italy cheap.

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    A lot of things.

    The labour in this country is ridiculous.

    • True… After coming to Australia, I learned lots of stuff to do myself as labour is so expensive here.

  • I’ve traveled allot, one thing I’ve never seen more expensive overseas(NZ close)is…600ml Coke. Why does it cost $5.80 from a vending machine, why can I buy a 2l Coke for less than 600ml at the supermarket?

    • Right… I have the same question.

  • ginger

    public transport




    almost everything?

    • Ginger surely is a lot cheaper.


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