EPOS Sennheiser GSP 670 $229.36 + $10 Shipping (Import) @ F Digital via Catch


My first post. I was eyeing for this headset and now the price is even lower, if you have $15 coupon with Catch of the day, that would even be better!!

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  • Just a question if anyone knows about it but can you have simultaneous audio from 3.5mm and Bluetooth? This is because I usually play with my friends on PS5 but we connect on discord for chatting.

      • I have them.. but they won't swap between both fluidly … It will stay on bt if you have the phone connected.. I love them but have both audio from aeperewate devices playing on th same time I don't think any wireless sheadswt will handle

        • I know of several that do, and those are the instructions in the manual.

          Pair wireless first, Bluetooth second, then after Bluetooth pair the wireless will automatically re-pair, which should be good to go for simultaneous audio.

          • @jasswolf: These don't. Lol

            • @Olly182: Huh, yeah reading the other users info about it now… time to unpublish this then!

              • @jasswolf: It will switch between ok.. but not simultaneously . Sometimes I even have to turn my Bluetooth off.. to get my PC sound to work… Could I be doing something wrong… Where are you reading this . Be amazing if I could it to work ..

                • @Olly182: They were very careful with their wording, I think you're right: it's not meant to simultaneously broadcast.

    • The GSP 670 can remember up to eight different Bluetooth devices, but can only be wirelessly connected to two devices at once—one via Bluetooth and another through the 2.4 GHz radio connection. The 2.4 GHz radio is prioritized, meaning should you send any audio from your PC or console, the Bluetooth connection will instantly be interrupted, and you'll hear the sound that is coming from the wireless dongle.

      The only case when the Bluetooth connection will take control of the headset over 2.4 GHz radio is when you have an incoming phone call. When that happens, the game audio stops and the headset switches to your phone call. You can, of course, use the headset's microphone to talk with the caller. Once the call is done, the headset will automatically switch back to game audio.

      • Wow, that makes them vastly inferior to something like the Audeze Penrose then.

        • The 670s really aren't that great what with the only benefit being the ability to use them for bluetooth (when comparing to the 370s) and then copping a major loss of battery life. I have had a look at the Audeze Penrose and can see that they mention something similar to that the 670s say though - do you have the audeze penrose? It mentions that you can play a game and use the bluetooth to 'chat' - but are they just referring to taking phone calls also, or do they actually mean being able to use a chat program on your pc/phone and combining it with the console audio?

          • @lulzenberg: https://audeze.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050183692

            When you're in bluetooth mode, it connects to the already-paired wireless and streams audio.

            • @jasswolf: that does sound optimal for console+discord, it's a shame there isn't something similar that matches the 370's battery life. I might look into one of these if the battery ever goes to shit on my 370s

              • @lulzenberg: I'd be interested to know how the 370 has that much battery life… it must come at an enormous bitrate drop.

                • @jasswolf: Apparently it's got a flatter sound and less bass than the 670, but I have both and don't notice a difference.. the sound is about on par with the pair of QC 35 2's my work handed out at christmas, minus the noise cancelling.

                  The 370s were plagued with issues at launch i've read but the firmware updates must have fixed them, as i've had this for about 8-9 months now and haven't had an issue other than having it randomly unpair from the dongle once back when i first got it, though I think that was before I had updated the firmware.

                  From a review of 370 vs 670:
                  On the other hand, the GSP 370 is more focused. It’s zeroed in on giving players a wireless gaming experience without the frills. The headset itself is significantly lighter at 295 grams (The GSP 670 is 398 grams.) and the sound is a step below that of its bigger sibling. Despite that, the headset still holds its own.

                  Although the bass doesn’t boom as much, it’s still plenty big enough. When handling the more delicate sounds, the clarity nearly rivals the GSP 670. When it comes down to it, the GSP 370 is missing the intensity of its more expensive counterpart. The audio is a shade flatter and not as rich. Despite that, the more affordable Sennheiser still has a sound quality that’s better than its counterparts at similar price point of $199.95.

  • The 670 is OK, the 370 is better from my experience. If you want bluetooth connectivity for your headset and can't use a dongle for what ever reason, that would be the only reason to purchase this over the 370. The 370 comes in with 100 hours of battery life via dongle, vs 12-14hours on the 670. They sound the same, the mics sound the same, the 670 has about 12% of the battery life of the 370 though.

  • Anyone bought from F Digital previously?
    Was the stuff brand new, seals intact, as advertised, not ex-display, etc

    I'm looking to buy a $850 item from F Digital through Catch, as it's a saving of $400 compared to AU prices but I'm a little concerned how they are able to sell it so much cheaper.