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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB $199, 256GB $299 with $69/Month Telstra 80GB 12M Plan (New & Port-in Customers) in-Store @ JB Hi-Fi


Went in to check for a friend and saw they had this, seems like a pretty good deal.

Grab a Samsung S21 5G 128GB Upfront for $199 when you sign up as a new or port in customer on Telstra's $69 per month Plan over 12 months. Plan includes 60GB + 20GB bonus data and infinite talk and text. If 128GB isn't enough, you can grab the 256GB variant for $100 more.

That's $1050 off the original jb hifi ticket price of the phones, 128GB is $1247 at officeworks.

Plan over 12 months is $828
Samsung S21 5G 128GB is $199

Total is $1027

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    I wonder what the real market price is for S21 5G at the moment. 780 for 128GB?

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      Closer to 680 I would think and most likely less. Total costs of 1027-300(for a year prepaid on Telstra)=727 and that's less less data then what is offered here.

    • +3

      Telstra had them on sale last week during Telstra day. 600-something dollars.

      • unlocked?

    • +1

      Retail $1350 for 256gb, however due to Telstr day, selling between 900-1000. $800 for 128gb

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    You're not an ozbargainer if you don't ask what the ETC is

    • What's ETC?

      • +2

        Early termination charges. #cancelcontractrightaway

      • +1

        in the past with these deals, the early termination charge would be less than the total cost of the deal itself. eg. ETC would be $300 plus pro rata of the days used on the plan, so say you used the plan for 3 days, $59/30 x 3 days = $5.90. So $300 plus $5.90 = $305.90 payout to end the contract, plus $199 for the upfront you already paid = $504.90 total cost. That would be a deal as it is cheaper than $907 you would have outlaid at the end of the 12 month contract. However need to find out what the ETC actually is.

    • +2

      What’s the ETC?

    • +1

      A lot more than what it used to be

  • Can you cancel straight away? They used to let you in the past

    • You're allowed to cancel, as always, whenever you like… with an ETC.

      • Will it be just ETC or Voucher Repayment + ETC?

        • +1

          I've never had to repay the voucher (or, in this case, a phone). I've also been a little sneaky in the past and managed to get live chat to void the ETC by switching over to a Telstra Direct M2M plan before cancelling that plan. I don't think I'd do it again though - the deals are good enough as they are! :)

        • I'm also curious if ETC or Voucher + ETC, etc…

      • +1

        No, they used to let you cancel without ETC. You just needed to pay first month

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    I'm at the end of my 12m contract with Telstra now, is there a minimum port out period? Anyone done this before?

    • +2

      30 days, usually just grab a discount optus sim to wait the period out.

      • Damn. Appreciate the reply, will need to wait for the next deal then.

        • +5

          These deals happen all the time, just switch to optus now and then next month just keep ducking in to jb hifi to ask if they have any deals. Most of them get missed by ozbargain because they only last a weekend.

          • +1

            @JustASmoothSkin: Officially you're correct, but unofficially you can absolutely get around it without much effort.

            Got my dad an iPhone 12 mini, was listed as new customers only so was prepared to buy a sim to do it in my name and transfer over after a month but ended up being able to get him signed up with it as a new number.

            Had him visit the local telstra store a few days later to cancel his existing service and they moved his old number over to the new contract too.

            Like you say though, they run deals pretty often anyway so shouldn't be too much hassle regardless

        • +1

          You can get this for a new number, call Telstra and change service to your number.
          Didn't try it before, but was mentioned many times before

          • +1

            @Amr911: I have done this with both my account and my wife's account and it worked no probs

            • @Ploix: Can I do it with a prepaid Telstra number? Just thinking of migrating to telstra prepaid to make use of it..

              • @Amr911: Yeah I activated a $2 SIM and ported my number to it, didn't even load the SIM, once it was on my account though could just ask the Telstra rep to move the number and cancel the prepaid SIM.

                • @GS9891: Thanks again, looks like I can't benefit from this offer now anyhow!

    • +1

      Just get this deal, then go to Telstra and ask them to switch numbers on your accounts, then cancel the old account.

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      If you cbf selling the phone, just get on Telstra chat and negotiate with them to keep your monthly discounted pricing for another 12 months. That's what I always do. Managed to keep the $45 for 5G 80gb plan.

  • How do I work out what an ETC would be, say after 6 months on the plan? Would it just be half of the $828 (12 months of $69)?

    • There's a detailed breakdown in your My Telstra app.

      • I don't have a Telstra account, which is why I was wondering how they work this out

    • +19

      Read that 4 times

      • +10

        And I still don't think I know what the message is

      • +1

        Once was enough

        • +10

          Once was enough, not to understand
          But to move on

  • +7

    good for those who can actually go into a store

    • -10

      Of course you can go to the store, tyrants only have power if you are obedient unto death.

  • +1

    I received mine from the Telstra day sale.. what i dont like is the speaker holes are on the top of the frame, not facing your ear, so rather than direct sound to your ear, its out the top for all and sundry to hear

    • +6

      I hate that screen real estate these days is more important than, for example, proper speaker placement. You know, things that actually make a phone functional.

      • Yes, that along with a few other little dislikes, im only slightly happy to have updated from my S8 rather than bring wow glad i did it… if it wasn't for my charging port being niggly, and well, the T day sale, I wouldn't have..

    • +4

      Don't know what you're talking about. The ear speaker is the thin slot directly above the front camera. It literally points straight at your ear. The loud speaker is on the bottom of the phone.

      • +1

        Ok cool thanks, I see what you are saying.. after looking at gadgetguideonline.com, i now know the 2 holes at the top are microphone holes..
        However the sound when on a call definitely sounds like it comes out the top more than to the front.

  • +1

    Is there Telstra's contract for note 20 ultra?

  • +6

    I would very much like same deal but with upcoming Google Pixel 6 Pro

    • rumour that Tensor chip has x2 X1 chips while S21 has x1 => Google 6 and 6 Pro can be very powerful :)))

      • +3

        I have never felt that I need more processing power using my S10+. What do you guys use your phones for that needs more processing power?

      • Hopefully the battery can handle it.

    • +1

      Discounts on the new pixel!?
      Keep dreaming mate

  • Does anyone know if they can stack on the $10/month credit (JB new or port in offer)? Or is that only limited time?

  • +1

    Did anyone manage to get this in VIC? called them but they said wait till lockdown opens.

    • +1

      I rang them, but due to ID checks they cant do it over the phone. Funny you can sign up to a new phone contract over the phone, just not with a mobile attached!

      • It’s funny, before I moved to Australia, the last time I had signed up to a new phone plan in person was in the ‘90s. It was already common in many European countries to sign up online in the year 2000 (some of the most successful online businesses from that era specialised in this, offering all plans from all carriers) yet here we are 20 years later, in the middle of a pandemic, and carriers want you to do this in person, wasting people’s time?

        • +1

          I think it's just the brick-and-mortar retailers like JB. There is nothing stopping you from signing up to a Telstra plan with phone on their website.

          As for paperwork burocracy, whenever I need to renew my European passport, I need to fly to the froggin' consulate 1500km away to do so in person. As a matter of fact, even if I need to change the password of my Dutch MyGov variant, I need to do that :(

          • @Kontiki: Since you mention The Netherlands, it’s the perfect example of where you can find many online shops that allow you to compare and sign up to a variety of plans from every single telco. Just like JB Hifi, they get a commission per post paid plan sold, so they either give you real cashback (and not a silly JB voucher) or a discount on a new phone.

    • +1

      Not all of VIC is in lockdown, so I'm sure there's plenty who have.

  • Anything like this for the iPhone 12? I missed the last one :(

    • +2

      Get this, sell the phone and use the money for iPhone :)

      • Hey good idea. Thanks :)

        • +3

          Dude, wait till Tuesday when the new iPhone gets announced!

          • @Runite Oar: Yeah was thinking could still get this deal and sell the phone and put the money toward the new one maybe

  • I signed up to the jb $49 byo over a week ago. Still haven't heard anything. I wonder if I cancel my first request and get this. I don't need a new phone but this appealing

  • -2

    I can't be bothered trying to get Optus to price match this. Many often post 'got Optus to match this'. etc.

  • I'm tempted by this. My telstra day order for 256gb is delayed till the 23rd at best…

  • What telco plan do people recommend going with when porting out for a month between Telstra plans?

    • I've done it with Amaysim and Kogan as there has been good deals. Something cheap!

  • +1

    I just got my misso on an Optus plan with 80GB/month @25% off on livechat for like $41 inc unlimited international call/txt. These plans by telstra are overpriced hence the discount.

    • Do you need an active Optus plan to get 25% discount for the second number?

      • I don't think so. My first service was a lower value plan and I also was offered a 25% discount on that one. Just go on chat and say you are keen to go on optus but there are cheaper alternatives and if they have a discount, and don't accept the first one they offer you.

    • Except that telstra is the only service that actually has reliable coverage outside of metro areas. That's why you're paying extra.

      • I spent the last 3 years in regional SA and had no issues for the most part

  • I badly need a new phone. I wondered if I don't pay ETC or anything else when I cancel it .Thanks guys.

    • You will for sure. You'll be locked into the Telstra contract on this promotion for the specified period… that's why it is so heavily discounted: the overall plan price is factored in.

      • And the phone will be locked for 12 months? So sad if I can't escape from a Year-Jail. :(

        • phone is not related to telstra. You are in a 12 month plan but can use phone with any sim

          • +1

            @AussieMark: But there is no way to cancel this plan for 12 months. Am I right? I'd better wait for pixel 3 promo code again:(

            • +2

              @GDragon: As I said initially, you will be locked into the Telstra contract. No, you can't cancel it without paying it out.
              They're not selling phones for $199 with no strings attached dude.

            • +1

              @GDragon: You can cancel the plan whenever you want. As long as you pay the fees and penalty

  • +1

    When I did the z flip3 pre order at JB, I managed to get $10 off port in credit and 50,000 bonus points via Telstra live chat. Don't forget to try. If you get knocked back just try again the next day.

    • +1

      Did you sign up, port in first, then ask for $10 off + 50000 points? Thanks

  • just bear in mind now JB Hifi made it so you have to pay the gift card value back so in this case $1050 (they treat the giftcard value as 1050 even though you dont get an actual physical gift card)

    when you cancel or sometimes its $500 gift card value + etc.

    its no longer just ETC

  • +4

    The Ts & Cs is here: https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/personal/consume... (last changed on 17 August 2021)

    The maximum ETC is as of below (on page 20 of the above PDF):

    JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys BYO Mobile Plans
    $49 Plan (12 months) $294
    $69 Plan (12 months) $414
    $99 Plan (12 months) $594
    $69 Plan (24 months) $828
    $99 Plan (24 months) $1188

    The document also mentions a "Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee" on the same page (emphasis mine):

    If you received a voucher and you cancel, recontract, move to an ineligible plan or change your minimum monthly spend of your JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys BYO Mobile Plan during the minimum term, you will also be charged a Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee. This will be in addition to the Early Termination Charge above, as well as any accessory payments that may apply.

    • -1

      So if I'm not mistaken ETF is $414?

    • 414+199+69= $682

      • +3

        But what about the Voucher Reimubersement Cancellation Fee? So that would be an additional $300, $982

        • +1

          I got this today, the voucher repayment is actually the full gift card, so $1050 not $300

          • +1

            @Jdrizzle: i tried to tell people here but they dont listen lol

  • SKU numbers are for the S21+

    SKU 506517 https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/samsung-galaxy-s21-5g-128...

    Or am I wrong lol

    • So it would be $499 ($1549 - $1059) upfront for the S21+ 128GB?

      • depends. the value of the discount says 1050 so they could charge that

        • So either the banner Title is wrong
          Or the skus are wrong

        • Seems someone has messed up the ad. The SKU numbers on the photo are all for S21+ models, but the upfront payment will be short of the RRP once the discount is taken out.

  • +1

    Called JBHIFI and the agent confirmed there is no such offer going on atm. I am located in Victoria.

    • I'm in regional vic and just picked up the 256gb for $299 with a new service.
      It did take them a while to find the deal though. The fold and flip is also included with a $900ish credit on the $69 plan and $1500 credit on the $99 (that's 2 years though I think)

  • How do I get this deal when stores are closed? In nsw?

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