First Time Selling on eBay - 4.4% Penalty?

I'm planning to sell on eBay for the first time and as a private.

If I manage to sell my item, will I get the 4.4% extra charge (GST included) on top of 13.4% (GST not included??) because I have never listed anything for sale before?

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  • I assume you're talking about this

    If your account is evaluated as not meeting our minimum performance standards (i.e. 'Below Standard') in the evaluation on the 20th of a month, you'll be charged an additional 4.4% (incl. GST) on the total sale amount for items sold in all categories during the following calendar month. You can check your current seller performance level in your Seller Dashboard

    Then shouldn't apply as you meet the 'minimum performance standards; as you haven't had any defects etc

    But best to use the ebay chat to confirm.

    • Thanks! I have used eBay chat. The person just quoted the same thing word for word. I guess they just wouldn't give me a straight answer fearing false info or whatever.

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        What are you selling? May be better off just doing a cash sale locally on Facebook or Gumtree.

      • What does your seller dashboard show your rating as?

        • It's empty. I've never listed anything.

      • I suspect they are just presuming you can read. The website is pretty damn clear about when the penalties apply. (At an absolute minimum, you have to have 2 auctions where there were issues. You've had zero. They don't apply.)

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    Ebay are bandits. It is likely they will hold onto your payment as well for some time (weeks) before deducting their outrageous fees. If there is any other way you can sell your item you will be better off not having to deal with them.

    • Do you know how many weeks usually?

      • Depends on how much the item sells for. Sometimes when the buyer leaves positive feedback it can shorten the time but up to four weeks…

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    Don't do it!

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    I'm planning to sell on eBay for the first time

    Unless you are selling low-value goods and/or are prepared to be scammed and lose your goods plus your received money consider Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree instead.

    • I’m prepared.

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        Well just send whatever it is to me. I can save you all the hassle.

  • …will I get the 4.4% extra charge (GST included) on top of 13.4% (GST not included??)

    I haven't sold anything on eBay for years and I don't remember what it was before, but if you do get charged that extra 4.4%, that's almost 20% of the sale price! What the heck??

    They may as well go rob the bloody bank! Not sure if that even includes the listing fees yet!

    • Yeh ebay is very prohibitive but I still can’t deny its huge customer base. I wish there’s an Australian developed solution that’s “pay first, send after” with all the appropriate consumer protection, but sigh… there doesn’t seem to be a mainstream one. High business costs in Australia are really stifling.

      • I think if I was to ever use it again, it'll be to get rid of my "rubbish" only. Stuff that I would've otherwise just chucked out.

  • Just wait until OP finds out about OzBargain's first post surcharge.

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