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LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 10271 $99.99 (OOS), Nintendo Entertainment System 71374 $279.99 Delivered @ Myer


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    thanks OP. this will pair up with the Baby Blue Model.

    • I was looking at the Blue 1 with interest but can't fire without more info on what the hell Lego plan to do with it . Eg it might be aound for 3 yrs .

      • zavvi stops the sale for now. can no longer pre-order them.

        • Lego may start doing other colours on other models as well .

          • @popsiee: Is the blue one just as good as the yellow one in terms of collectibles?

            • @WesfromRayWhite: I wouldn't have a clue at this stage except for its a lot more limited so far .
              Really depends on how many they decide to make .

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    Had to pick up the NES! Cheers OP

  • Picked up the NES. Cheers!

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    Finally got the Fiat! Thanks!

  • Damn OOS already.

  • Oh my god. I wanted that NES.

  • Damn, I even had ozbargain setup to email me about the NES set but it didn't work and missed out.
    …probably better since I shouldn't get it, but back to waiting.

  • If anyone after the Fiat, I suggest heading into your local (if Covid-19 restrictions permit) or call around. Got mine just now from Myer Chermside, despite it saying OOS online.
    Last time it was on special at Myer, I ordered it and didn't get a reply until weeks later saying it was cancelled due to no stock available. Not true as before it was cancelled, I went into Myer Chermside and got the Ecto-1 and saw several Fiats for $99. Long story short, I should've got it then and cancelled online order.
    Moral of the story, Myer stock system inaccurate and not reliable.

  • Damn shame been trying to get the Fiat for a while.

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