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LEGO Icons Nasa Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 $239.99 (Was $299.99) Delivered @ Myer


LEGO Icons Nasa Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 is 20% off @ Myer

Update: Back in stock!

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    Thanks Op! Got one.

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    Great set, had a lot of fun putting it together.

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      Were the stickers on the inside of the cargo bay area as bad as the reviews say?

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        Mildly annoying, I don't think anything printed on the plastic would look as reflective so I kind of get why they did it.

        The external stickers were more disappointing to me though. No idea why some blocks needed a sticker whislt others were printed on the plastic.

        Still a great set, enjoyed it more than the Saturn V.

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          Nice. I've got the Saturn V standing proud on my desk and I've been to the actual Discovery in person in National Air and Space Museum so it seems like I've got a Myer package on the way now.

          • @Vavoom: Nice. We should have gone there when were in DC a few years ago.

  • Thanks Op! Got one too!

  • Thanks OP!!

  • Thanks, jumped on this one.

    I doubt we'll see it cheaper for another 12 months.

  • Anyone think black friday could beat this?

  • isn't this the shuttle that blew up?

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      No, that was the Columbia.

      • +1

        And the Challenger

    • It's currently on display at the Smithsonian, so not yet.

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    Just stick some wings on 10282 for a cheaper alternative.

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    Amazing set, the box art undersells the Hubble telescope as well - it’s really cool, and can be displayed as though it’s being deployed from the shuttles belly

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    Nice, cashback confirmed too!

    • -3

      I would have used a gift card : Cashback is ineligible on the following:

      Purchase or use of gift cards for full/partial payment.

      Again too high I don't understand why people are so excited about a standard 20% off hehe .

  • Excellent. Had an old Myer voucher so good to go! This will go nicely next to my Apollo Saturn V

  • I found a $20 off voucher for $150 spend at Myers from Afterpay in the app .
    I think I can find something to get to just over $150 guys :)

    • Ah, only got $10 off $100. Any idea if can use partial gift card and balance with Afterpay?

  • Thanks :) got one :)

  • Thanks OP.

    Cashrewards is tracked this as 5% cashback even though according to their website it probably falls in the 2% category.

    $10.91 tracked from a $218.17 (excluding GST) purchase.

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      It'd be funnier if AliExpress sold this as the Buran

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      Shocked faked one is still asked for this much, once you built, lego is worth $200, fake one is rubbish in the bin.

      • True this. On the truly exceptional Lego deals, you can build the set, then pull it apart and sell it on eBay for close to what you paid (sometimes, and bizarrely, a margin more).

  • Link doesn't work

    Edit: Working now! Thanks

  • Nice, thanks OP.

  • I have a thought ( price ) of why its not sold out . :)

    • -1

      Because you didn't "invest" enough haha

  • First reload for 20% off Lego Heroes' hehe .

  • thanks for this OP. was still able to get one. Lego Space Theme is a bit complete. =)

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