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Dog Nail Grinder $25.68 (Was $35.80) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Ottertooth Direct via Amazon AU


Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light ,Pet Nail Trimmers for Large Medium Small Dogs

Grind your pet's nail effectively
This Pet Nail Grinder is specially designed to grooming,trim,shape,and smooth the paws for dogs,cats and small animals.Upgraded dog nail grinder strengthens the power of the motor and adds a built-in led light,which makes you feel eased at giving your pet,small medium or big,personal nail care anytime.Perfect Grooming Trimming Tool!Equipped with 2 speeds,you can choose the right speed according to the thickness of your pet's paw.

USB Rechargeable & Portable
The cordless,comfort fit pet grinder built-in battery that lasts 3 hours after a 3-hour charge.Power adapter is not included,please plug into phone adapter/power bank/laptop.

Diamond Grinding Wheel
The diamond grinding wheel is durable and efficient.The cover has 3 ports for small and medium animal.Soft smooth and Painless,trim and groom your dog's nails quickly and easily,reducing the risk that comes with cover-clipping.Start giving your dog healthier paws with better comfort.

Low Noise Strong Motor
The motor is super quite.The vibration and noise is very low.Even the smallest pet will love it.The one button operation makes it's very easy to use.The speed is just right.

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    Can you get replacement wheels for this device? how long would a wheel typically last

  • Damn it! I purchased it last week for full price. Lol. haven't tried it on my doggy yet.

  • This is what I always wanted when I had a dark nailed hard to see where the quick starts dog. She used to squeal like she was in terrible pain every time I cut a nail even though I kept well away from the quick.

    Do they work?

    • these work - i use this same model i purchased a few months back.
      however, depends on whether your dog is ok with it being used on their nails for 3-5 seconds at a time?
      my dog is ok on the front paws, lets me do whatever i want. however she hates it on her back paws….

      • I've given up. My dog hates front paws being touched, and won't really tolerate clipping on the back either. Weirdo.

    • This may work for some; Sandpaper taped onto a Board -> https://youtu.be/tsWaXu7Q8Go?t=270

  • Why is it only for pets? Can’t I grind my own nails?

    • That's what the dremel is for (as well as cracked/dry skin).

  • I've been using a dremel on my dogs for years. Even before these things became a thing. Heaps of power has unlimited grinding/sanding wheels, etc. The only advantage I can think of for these small ones is the fact that it's battery operated. Mine is plugged into the mains.

    My dogs have never been wary of it. Potentially, it could just be their conditioning. They're not fazed about vacuum cleaners either. In fact, I used to have to push him on the floor out of the way, all while he's sprawled out. Thankfully, he's gotten better and will actually move aside now when I ask him to.

    • Probably depends on the animal. The main disadvantages I could see with the Dremel would be noise and safety (e.g. long haired breeds or careless operator).

      My dog isn't a fan of noise or having her feet touched so the Dremel is a no go. Not sure this would be any better though, so it's the classic clippers for me.

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    Will this work for cats?

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      Yes, you can use it on yourself no worries

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        You either need glasses or can't read.

        • Neither, you obviously don't get it!

          • @mrsecrecy:

            obviously don't get it!

            No, I won't get it.

            I'm not convinced it is suitable for my cat.

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              @jv: @mrsecrecy

              obviously don't get it!


              No, I won't get it.

              You either need glasses or can't read

    • Good luck using it on cats…

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        My cat has taken to clawing the carpet or couch but I think if I attempted to use this he would take to clawing my face

  • This or the pet nail clipper?

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    Why do you bother grinding nails of dogs and cats just let them be for gods sake

    • Sounds like you've never seen a dog with long nails slipping and falling over on surfaces like tiles. It was even worse when my dog slipped on the stairs and tore one of her cruciate ligaments. Normally chasing around on concrete keeps her nails reasonable but there's a place for something like this thing too. It's less dangerous that a clipping tool in the wrong hands.