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$900 off Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 or Flip 3 on $69/M 12-Month Plan if Existing Telstra Contract Has Expired @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hi-Fi have a promotion offering $900 off the Fold 3 or Flip 3 when joining their $69/m 12-month Telstra plan. This brings the cost of the phones down to $1599 and $599 for the Fold 3 256 GB and Flip 3 128 GB respectively. Obviously the larger memory versions cost more.
As most frequent OzBargainers will know, this usually only applies if you're porting in from another network or with a brand new number.
I was able to bypass this with the steps below:

  • 1 - You need a Telstra plan that's out of contract (your usual number/the number you want to keep)
  • 2 - Purchase the phone on the JB Hi-Fi Telstra $69 plan as a brand new number
  • 3 - Go to a Telstra store and ask them to disconnect the out-of-contract number and move it to the new plan

I asked one Telstra store and they wouldn't do it, I then asked two different online chat agents and they said it can be done, I then got it done just now at another Telstra store.

Your biggest hurdle right now would probably be finding JB Hi-Fi stores with stock of the phones.

JB Hi-Fi are also offering 50% off official Samsung cases for the two phones when you purchase them together with the phone.

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  • How many months contract of that $69 per month?

    • 12, I'll update the post.

  • I have done this method last year and it worked well :)

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          No? Why would you? Who's going to take calls on a tablet?

          • @CynC: Challenge accepted. Let me whip out my galaxy tab s7+ 5G and make some calls.


          • @CynC: Import monster was talking about the Z flip. Not the Fold

  • do we still get the gifts from samsung?

    • No, that was only for preorders.

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    For reference, I spoke with 3 people (one in sales, one in telco sales, and one at highpoint store) in Melbourne who advised it can't be done until stores are open again. So you can click and collect a phone outright, and you can get a plan, but you can't do both at once. Crazy.

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    Your biggest hurdle right now would probably be finding JB Hi-Fi stores with stock of the phones.

    For a lot of people (read: Sydney and Melbourne), the biggest hurdle is to be able to get into a JB store at all.

    • Yeah, sorry, I'm in Queensland and forgot that they were still in lockdown.

      • Good for other states though. JB will keep on flogging mobile+plan deals to make up the subscriber number they are not making in NSW and Vic…

  • I was just gonna comment and say this is against business rules for Telstra so you're going to struggle to find any store or agent that would be willing to help

    • Quite the risk really - then you're stuck with a contract on another number

  • missus wants the phone and got stuck in a JB phone holding pattern of speak to someone on customer support who offers $100 off device outright (lavender- in stock) but cannot get the bundled handset + phone plan with porting deal offered.
    he put her thru to the 'telstra connections' person (I assume at JB) who said they could connect her to a plan eg $69/mth with I think a $400 JB voucher.
    so they couldn't combine the cheap upfront phone deal and the port from Vodafone to telstra monthly deal.
    all of which was of no interest to my missus. and now it's my fault as I'd flagged wait for a better deal than the Samsung pre-order with free galaxy buds (prob the older version not the 2s) I said wait until last day of Samsung pre-offer before deciding, but then we both forgot about it.
    here's hoping there is a zflip3 deal soon or I'm in trouble :) unless someone got the JB one to work?

    • Only promotion still showing on their website is the Flip 3 256 GB for $699, which is still $900 off. The promotions for all the other models are no longer showing.