What Are The Chances to Get Your Money Back after Being Scammed Online?

Ok I never imagined myself being scammed online, but it happened. before you guys mention, never pay before receive the item or only cash etc.
My defense is scammer is also ozbargain user and also had legit facebook and the amount wasn't that much that I could would scam me for it.
I paid via pay ID i contact local police and my bank and found out his bank and contacted them, they asked for police report and evidences etc and said I might have some chance recovering it.

I just want to know has anyone done this before and got their money back eventually ?


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    username checks out

  • scammer is also ozbargain user

    Is their account still active?

    • Yes he was online 5 hours ago i messaged him to refund he didnt replay lol

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        Looks like they negged you also

        • Probably would 'he' would be thinking of counter options based on suggestions given here.

        • he has! hes just been online! haha
          hey dude please refund me when you see this

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            @newbiesh: Ask the mods for scammer's the ip address, report it to AFP and let em bang their door by tomorrow morning.

          • @newbiesh: Name and shame the scammer here and on Facebook plus anywhere else they may post.

  • Need more info on what happened to let you know, but if its just a Bank transfer, good luck.

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    You have name and address? Then sue them?

    It might have been someone that got hacked tho. So, you're probably SOL

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    If it 'wasn't that much,' live and learn. You won't get it back. Just take it on the chin like the caterpillar incident.

    • Not me, I'd go full Liam Neeson.

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        I will find you

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    My defense is scammer is also ozbargain user

    This this another xbox fiasco?? *MJ_munching_popcorn.gif*

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    Credit card is, always, the way to go.

    What is the Ozbargain view on this? Will Scotty sinbin people.

    • OzBargain takes no responsibility for the condition of physical goods, failed deliveries or financial transactions, and will not be involved in any disputes that occur.

  • Certainly more info required before hanging commences.

    • Burden threshold much lower for virtual lynching.

  • The chances depend on the amount of evidence you hold, not speculation. And because you haven't disclose the circumstances, I don't know your chances.

    Assume you paid someone for an item you have not received and the seller hasn't responded to you. Then when did you paid and when you expected to receive the item?

  • As per usual OZ bargain reply - get the bikies to help.

  • Contact the Consumer Advocate Department They will then post a Topic of Demand enabling right of reply from seller 🍿

    • Hello, that's Pointless And Mean ;)

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    Traditional —-E
    Left Handed Ǝ—-
    Fancy —-{


    33% off! —-F
    66% off!—-L
    Manufacturer's Defect! —-e


    The Euro —-€
    The Pound —-£
    The Lira —-₤

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    It will be good to know who he is so another ozbargainer does not get scammed as well.

  • Who is it?

    • for some odd reason i thought if he is an ozbargain member he is automatically a good person

      • Was he a long time member with established trade history

        • yes since 2014!

          • @newbiesh: Oof size maximum

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            @newbiesh: If you want to protect the scammer's identity, that is fine but please let mod know to see if his account can be banned. We need to look out for each other to ensure no one gets scammed as well.

  • Got an update for us?

    • i keep messaging him on ozbargain he is online but not replaying:

      there are other updates i just dont want him to be aware.

      • He hasn't posted a comment since 2018. I'd take a guess and say it could be a hacked account or the user simply doesn't care anymore.

      • Sometimes you wynnum sometimes you lose them..

      • Let a mod know, they won't be able to do anything for you but OzB reputation could be tainted if this becomes a regular thing. At least they can monitor this person and given there hasn't been any comments in three years there's a fair chance it's a hacked account.

        • i dont think it is hacked account, he just made his facebook private.

    • posted an update

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    Merged from How I recovered some of my money from a FB scammer

    Following up with the topic I posted months ago:

    Summary: I paid someone on FB to post item to me but instead he blocked me.

    • So I contacted my bank to recall the fund after 7 weeks I just got told they were unable to recall it even tho I provided evidence and police case etc.
    • Did some searches found out where he works (used to work) called them up said he was sacked few months ago.
    • Having his email address that I paid via payID i was able to find which bank he banks with by re-registraring myself and contacted his bank directly which wasn't useful but something.
    • Reverse searching his email address i found his website and from their his phone number, added that to the police report. (tried calling but after picking up first call he blocked me there as well).
    • My partner contacted his FB he just said "F off good luck"
    • As he had my original facebook blocked but I had another spare facebook I found his marketplace again and monitored his listing until he posted an ad there….
    • Asked about address and time to pick up and surely he sent his address, now I have his phone number, email, home address (added to report)
    • I told him "Hey it is me you scammed etc etc." he was shocked and said will pay me back with next centerlink pay which was yesterday…
    • I gave him time and he only paid half the money! not full amount.
    • I asked about the remaining he got angry and again posted so much rude things and threat me and blocked me again.

    I'm still working to get him reported and as well as doing QTAC small money claim court for him, will update.
    (he is also ozbargin member and probs reading this)

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      Nice detective work, but how much are we talking here?

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        it is not about the money very small amount, just he is being rude and thinking can do this and get away bothers me.

    • (he is also ozbargin member and probs reading this)

      name and shame

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      Good work. Now go sh! t all over his front lawn.

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      Dear OP.

      Well done. Make him suffer.

    • Appreciate the effort and these FB scammers should be banned. Unfortunately they just pop up again under a different user acount. This could be an all time top post if we get the other side of the story, but user hasn't been active in forum since 2018

      • they have last seen was a month ago where i sent him a message about the money here etc.

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      You forgot the step where you send bikies when you had their home address.

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        Plot twist OP is a Bikie…

    • Good work!

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      Take it easy mate you don't want you end up in hospital or Today Tonight over $100 lol

    • Honestly…that's some real life Taken scene. Well done

    • Well done finding his details but you only got money back because he volunteered it. I would be interested to know the results of a small claims court case if you have one.

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        i do have one and will post an update.

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    Your time is surely worth more than this

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      was a great fun side project, had fun i got to admit.

      • Well we know who to go to if we need a super sleuth

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