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[Switch] Daemon X Machina $39.95 @ Nintendo eShop


Cheapest eShop price, but has been a bit cheaper via EB Games before.

Game trial going on at the moment, hence the sale.

If you have NSO then definitely check out the trial first.

Played it last night and it starts out slow, but after a couple of hours it picks up and becomes quite fun!

Thanks to Miss B below, if you prefer physical then check if your local JB has stock for $39, or + $2 delivery

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  • These game trials should be at least 1 month long… can't possible play a game in just one week. Nintendo should work more around that like Microsoft and Sony do. Not appealing at all to be a NO subscriber IMO.

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      I think being 1 week is the point of it being a "trial".

      It's a great way to try the game and you can buy it if you want at a good discount and own forever, whereas PS+/Xbox Live you need to always be subscribed to access those games.

      Also if you're on a family plan, you're only paying like $6 per year for NSO, which makes it hard to complain too much.

      But I agree though, Nintendo really need to make the service more appealing (Gameboy games are rumored to be added soon so hopefully that's true!)

      • +1

        Yeah fair enough… Fingers crossed we'll get gameboy soon!

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    If you like physical copies, JB have it for $39 if you can find stock or + $2 delivery.

    They sometimes have good prices on the switch games, so it can be worth checking them out if you're after some older games.

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      Oh thanks for the heads up!

      I prefer physical so I might grab this, I'll add it to the post :)