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A'kin Deodorant Rose & Australian Sandalwood Roll on 65ml $5.47 + Shipping ($0 C&C/ Doordash/ $50 Order) @ Chemist Warehouse


One of my all time favourites. I have never seen it half priced before.

Can also get it delivered for free via DoorDash in 24hours. CW and DD recently collaborated and giving free delivery for 1 week. No minimum spend currently.
Select FAST DELIVERY at checkout page.

If you are participating in Shopback spend $10 across 4 stores to get $10, one store can be covered aswell.

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    I remember it being half price before (posted on ozb), I picked one up then, can confirm it is great

  • How does this compare to No Pong?

    • Never used No Pong. Is it good ?

      Can't compare to No Pong but A'kin is great compared to Dove, Nivea etc. usually available at super stores.

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        Late reply, but yes, No Pong is fantastic. Best of the 'natural deoderants'. Some people don't like having to apply it like a cream/balm, but it's never worried me and it works well.

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    Best roller and they have the spray which is great as well.

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    Anyone know when the sale finishes?

  • I know it says female deodorant in category, but is it feminine?

    • Nah, No Body is gonna know !!

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    There's 3 fragrances and sprays are half price too