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[PS4] Death Stranding $24 (Pre Owned) + Shipping / CC @ EB Games


very good price, if you buy this then it will only cost you 10 dollars to upgrade to the Directors Cut on PS5 which will have many added things and some graphical improvements, the directors cut comes out on Friday next week.

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    While the price to upgrade to the PS5 "directors cut" is widely tipped to be around $USD10, Australian pricing is unknown at this time and will likely be around $AUD20 or more.

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      I'm hoping it will be $15, which would be in-line with the recent Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut PS4 to Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut PS5 upgrade

      • How did you get it for $15. I have the PS4 disc on PS5 and the PSN store fee for upgrade was $45 (which was my only option).

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          If you were referring to Ghost of Tsushima, Sony really made it unnecessarily confusing.
          It cost $30 to upgrade from PS4 Tsushima to PS4 Tsushima Director's Cut (Iki Island expansion).
          Then another $15 to upgrade from PS4 Tsushima Director's Cut to PS5 Tsushima Director's Cut.

          That's why you remembered $45 🙂

          Edit: I should mention that with Ghost of Tsushima, I only paid for the PS4 Director's Cut upgrade fee and continued my PS4 progression for the sake of my PS4 trophy list. I decided not to upgrade to PS5 copy, thus saving $15

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    Great game. Finished on PS4 last year, looking forward to playing it again on PS5.

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      Same !! new content 60fps and haptic feedback super excited

      • I loved the communal aspect. Creating traversal points and hoping others get to use them. I hope when I start again on PS5 it retains the stuff I created, like a new game plus.

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