Best Provider/Plan to Receive Roaming Calls in Europe?

What would be the best option to receive calls in roaming in Europe?

I need to keep receiving calls to my Australian mob number in Europe for a few months. I do not care about data or making calls myself, just to receive

Vodafone has $5 Roaming/day which is $150/monthly. Telstra has some free Wi-Fi Calling, not sure how it works in reality, and it has just a few supported mobiles

Any advice?



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    Vodafone has $5 Roaming/day which is $150/monthly. Telstra has some free Wi-Fi Calling, not sure how it works in reality, and it has just a few supported mobiles

    Would be the best option, they only charge you on usage. So if you don't make any calls etc, you don't get charged $5 for that day.

    Then you can use Skype to make calls if needed.

    • unfortunately, I'm expecting to have calls every day, maybe except on weekends

      Skype, Whatsapp, etc not suitable due to my work, need to have an AU mob number.
      Re-direction all calls to a local mobile could be an option, but it would cost around 0.5-1$/min

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    here's the cheapest option I've been using for 10 years now;

    1) Buy a SkypeIn number ~ $10 per month. You can get a landline number i.e. 02 or 03.
    2) Setup call forwarding from your mobile to your landline number.
    3) In europe - purchase a local sim and setup skype.

    Total Monthly cost: ~ $10.00 + call forwarding to local numbers (usually included with most local telcos)

    • Is it some cost for redirection in roaming ? I think it cost around $0,5-1 for redirection

      Or did you mean to left my sim with redirection in Australia ?
      Quality of Skype calls is not the best

      • Quality is okay, as long as you setup unconditional diversion - there won't be a cost (at least not with Telstra).

        However should you setup conditional diversion - you will be slapped with a huge roaming fee..

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    Telstra Wifi Calling abroad is an absolute winner.
    Works very very well and on every wifi/3/4 connection.

    Buy a cheap internet sim in Europe and use this in a dual sim mobile (such as a Samsung or an iPhone) on the Telstra approved list.
    SMS and MMS will go over the internet connection of the internet 2nd sim card.

    Phone calls are crystal clear and no delay.
    Works out very well with Telstra Prepaid or Boost yearly recharge on sale.

    I used it in/on:
    - New Zealand ferry between North/South Islands with a satellite connection
    - Air New Zealand Free Onboard Wifi
    - Virgin Australia / Qantas
    - Etihad Airways B787s
    - UAE / France / Germany / UK / New Zealand

    • So i just need to have a phone (from their approved list) with Telstra/boost sim (standard /regular sim, right?) and any wifi connection, is it right?
      Sounds good

      Is it working in Australia as well? Thinking to buy Telstra sim to try on my home wifi. Funny question - how i will know that it works through wifi? Is there any wificall notification?

    • how can you disable standard roaming calls to ensure you don't accidentally call via roaming?

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        New plans don't support roaming (yet).

        Otherwise, a plane mode can be activated or you can request Telstra to remove roaming access on your account yet you will still have access to Voice over wifi service but only for calls to Australia.