Amaysim in Liverpool Sydney


I am with Vodafone and annoyed with their 4G (runs at hardly 10-20 Mbps & low signals always). My friend is using amaysim & has good review but he is in Melbourne.

Their packages are good too. Just wondering if anyone uses Amaysim in Sydney, especially around Liverpool area?

How's their service & customer support?


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    Amaysim is the Optus network. Anything on that network would be a good comparision.

    From experience, Optus is generally better than Vodafone.

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    find a cell tower near your house and go with that provider that runs off of that network. you probably don't have a tower near you, maybe try telstra or optus.
    i think aldi, belong, boost, lycamobile, mate, numobile, pennytel, tangerine, and woolies use telstra network.

    moose, southern phone, amaysim, dodo, Gaya, catch, circles, yomojo use the optus network.

    you probably want to stay away from felix, lebara, iiNet, and tpg since they use the Vodafone network.

    those are a few i can think off the top of my head, ymmv.