[SOLVED] NRL Grand Final Member Help

Hi there,

Considering the NRL grand final is likely to never return to Brisbane, I'm trying to get tickets. They are currently on sale for ticketed members.

My uncle is a ticketed member and is letting me use his number. Only problem is that he isn't good with finding emails and the password you need for Ticketek is in there.

I've been told it is some combo of his name and his membership number on Reddit. I was hoping someone here could tell me the general format of it so I can buy tickets. Obviously I am not after your actual password!

Thank you if anyone is able to help!


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    Instructions / code generator here: https://aanredemption.nrl.com/


      Just found that before, thank you for the help though! Tickets purchased.


        Enjoy, am jealous you can go!


    First year i'm not going either the Superleague or Nrl Grand Final since 2011 :(