Laptop Spec Advice

Hey Guys,

Not much of an IT person. Looking for a laptop for myself and old man. Basically wanting something that is fast for internet browsing, flicking page to page etc. Not into gaming.

Would love some advice, what we’d need spec wise? Don’t want to be spending way more than need too, but don’t want crappy slow machine either.




  • What would be the budget ?

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    Hi Corwin, I have been working in IT for some time now. I can give you some insight on this.

    It all depends on your budget. Your budget might range from $500 to $1500 for the laptop.

    If you are just looking for internet browsing laptop & Office works in $500-$600 range, this laptop ( is best.

    If you have higher budget, then you can go for i5 & 16GB ram. But I think, i3 & 8GB ram would do a great job too.


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      This comes in at around $800 when converted to Australian dollars and you'd also need to get a us to au adaptor or power cord.

      I'd recommend sticking to Australian stock.

    • If you are just looking for internet browsing laptop & Office works in $500-$600 range, this laptop ( is best.

      That's not even full hd, murder on the eyes for web browsing.

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    pretty much any new laptop today can handle the average internet browsing. You'll need to further refine what's important to you - screen size, keyboard size and layout (with numbers on the right side or no?), battery life, weight etc.

    Also part of internet browsing experience will be influenced by using an adblock to stop all that trash from appearing on the page too.

  • The Microsoft surface go is a good option for under $800

    It's fast, light, good battery, good build quality and good screen.

    It does has a smallish screen (12.5") so that may be something to consider.

    It's also not upgradeable but as a non it person you'd unlikely do that anyway.

    Otherwise keep an eye on laptop bargains that pop up here, especially Lenovo or Dell. Under $1000 is easily possible and even under $800 if you are patient.

  • Thanks for all the tips, was thinking somewhere between the $500 -$1000 mark. Seems like most of the deals that pop in Ozbargains are gaming computers. Would a refurbished last just as long as a new machine?

    • This is Dell factory refurbished, what you’ll receive will look as-new.

      I wouldn’t buy/trust a seller refurbished.