Opinion on Lazy Maisons 80kg Sit Stand Desk

I wanted your opinion on whether this desk can hold two laptops, two 27 inch monitors and a CPU

I'm thinking of pulling the trigger but I want to be sure that it can support stuff that's on my current desk.


  • Well. Weight all your stuffs and compare with the limit

  • 80KG seems pretty low, even if it can support that weight, the desk itself will not be rock solid, it might sway. I would go for at least 120kg even if you wont use that much.

  • I bought the same frame, but I haven't set it up yet. I have the two monitors and one laptop, but no desktop PC.

    My guess would be that it'd handle your needs if the weight is centred on the desk, but you might have issues if it's primarily off to one side.

  • It's unlikely your IT setup weighs more 20kg. Weigh it to find out.

    Bear in mind that most of these have appreciable (and annoying) wobble at the high position.