LEGO Creator Ford Mustang 10265 $143.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Pretty decent price for a popular set!
More words words words?

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Ah, no love for the 65 Coupe.

  • I got it for the same price at, this morning.

  • I'm just curious as to the love for Lego on OzB . I see the deals pop up daily.
    Are people buying them because they love collecting and building the sets? Do they have excellent resale / scalping value like GPUs? Are their kids addicting and demanding new sets each week? Or does the plastic have some delcious property that I'm not aware of yet?

    No bashing Lego or people who buy it (I freaking love the stuff and I would buy it more if I had space in my apartment), I'm just genuinely curious :)

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      Love collecting- Yes
      Building sets- Yes
      Resale value- No
      Kids demanding new sets- Probably
      Delicious property- Never tasted it

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      i love it too but i don't buy it anymore because of the ludicrous prices. i think there is a lot of scalping value if you hold the set for a few years and leave it unopened, you can make a killing on ebay if you list it for some even more ridiculous amount after it's been discontinued.

    • Resale value: yes, for some, i.e. superhero minifigures

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    I built this car recently and recommend it. It comes with additional body kit plus an engine you show off on top of the hood. Different licence plates are added. Had a lot of fun building it and now itโ€™s on display on my bookshelf ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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    I bought it when it was 17$. Managed to got 5 that time. Super deal it was