KFC with Rice, Yay or Nay

Just discussing with some friends and the topic came up about taking home KFC and seems like most of them have KFC with rice. Am I crazy or is this super weird. Seems like a waste of KFC to me.

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    Yay with rice
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    Nay without rice
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    Who eats KFC

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    KFC with rice is the best!

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    i dont like rice unless it's rice pudding

  • Lol is there any other way?

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      Yes, kfc with kfc. It's the only way really.

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  • Had KFC with rice in Hong Kong, wasn't a fan, I prefer the chips.

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    Both are delicious. I'll take any combination of KFC and rice.

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    Not KFC but I've certainly had fried chicken with rice. It's a very common combination throughout much of Asia.

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    Obviously you are not a KFC connoisseur if you have to question fried chicken with a side of carbs.

  • Haven't tried it before (I have had fried chicken with rice before, just not KFC with rice), though it doesn't sound bad. Having the chips with rice would be interesting though, not sure how well that would work lol.

  • U put the KFC goodness into the rice cooker and cook it with the rice. It's the best.

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      Wouldn't the chicken be soggy-ish? The chicken would be sitting in a puddle of rice and water, then it gets steamed.

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    +1 for KFC with rice.

    I throw a spoonful of Chicken stock powder in with the rice while cooking for an extra flavor boost or sometimes a little Soy sauce on top of the rice before serving.

    Sounds weird but works for me.

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    i eat kfc, rice and the chips in one go

  • tips: mixed a little salt on your rice .
    the rice should be just cooked still has steaming hot.

  • put left over kfc chicken on top of rice in the rice cooker…

    apparently there is a viral video or hack or something or rather on youtube…

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    Yes for sure. Sounds like Jollibee and it's great! Can't wait until they open one in Aus.

    • Jollibee chickenjoy with rice. Yum!

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    Never had KFC with rice but often have Chicken Karaage with rice. It's the best.

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    I don't personally eat KFC with rice (Zinger Stacker FTW) but I don't see any problem with it. If it tastes good, do it?

  • ur right KFConnoisseur, it's super weird.

    Chicken Karaage is a whole different dish. That's fine and normal with short grain rice, some sesame seed etc.

  • One of my favourite treats, KFC chicken with rice. Delicious 👌

  • People eat kfc with rice?!

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      It's a normal menu item in lots of Asia.

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    It's your dinner, eat what you want :)

  • Rice for me is just a plate filler. Givev me potato based carb anyday.

  • the only side you should have with KFC is KFC