My PSU Just Died - Upgrade Recommendations (PSU + Other Parts)

I'm not super tech savvy these days. I bought a pre-built gaming PC about 4 years ago and the PSU just died (pretty sure it was the PSU - it won't turn on, it revs up a bit then just switches off).

The PSU was only 600w. A friend recommended the Corsair HX1000 1000W 80Plus Platinum Fully Modular Power Supply.

Was thinking of maybe doing some other upgrades at the same time. I know GPUs are really expensive these days and don't really want to drop 2k+. I have a GTX 970. is the motherboard.

HyperX HX318C10FRK2/8 is the ram.

Don't know what CPU I have (can't check in menu and can't figure out where to find it on the PC itself.

What would be some reasonable upgrades at this stage of its life? Is it worth upgrading or just start again with a prebuilt PC (i've seen a few pop up lately). Could I replace the PSU now and upgrade later, or save it for another build?

It will mostly be for gaming. I'm not a cutting edge gamer, mainly DOTA 2 and Blizzard games lately. I did just by a nice 34" 4k monitor which I barely got to game on before it died :(

As I said, not super tech savvy with parts but can do the research to figure it out.


  • I reckon a Corsair RM650w PSU would do, if it is the PSU that has failed. Its hard to speculate what is wrong without other components to check.

  • I bought a pre-built gaming PC about 4 years ago

    Seriously? 1150 based system? circa 2013

    Assuming it is the PSU, better off flipping mb/cpu/ram on gumtree to fund a psu and current gen platform.
    HX1000 is overkill and retails >$300.
    Cheap fix

  • You definitely do not need a 1000W PSU. 550W is plenty.

  • I would get a cheap power supply for this rig as it's old and not worth spending the money on.

    AS your old PS was 600w and lasted years get another 600w.

  • it is pretty overkill, just get a good quality, may be gold grade PSU from a reputed brand.
    I got a 95W TDP CPU + GTX1060 3GB (120W), 4 SATA, 4 RAM etc with just a 450 W Silverstone SFX, works perfectly.

  • Look on eBay for a 2nd hand gaming system as yours is stuffed/too old,
    or buy a new system; get it all up to date as everything you had is obsolete/dying/dead