Tax Invoice Missing for The Telstra Day Samsung Galaxy S21

I looked in the package received, in my online account, in the app, but could not find anything resembling a tax invoice. There was one letter in package which suggested that it will hold as a warranty document.

Wondering if anyone has located the invoice? Or is Telstra swindling ATO?

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    Did not find tax invoice

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    I'd expect they would E-mail it to you…

  • Wouldn’t it show up on your Telstra bill at the end/start of the month?

  • Was emailed to me, check junk folder

    • nope, nothing in my spam folder. The only thing remotely resembling a tax invoice was that email with the big bold heading "We've got your order", which I think Bafranz is referring to.

      Look closely at the wording of that email and nowhere do they say that payment has been received. It just says "What you'll pay today" and "What you'll pay ongoing"

  • Nothing here either… Nor in "MyTelstra" website.

  • If the phones are coming from the same area where my works phones are coming from in Telstra it is a running battle as to why they need to provide a proper invoice…

  • This wont help with your invoice/receipt (which when I've purchased previously it was sent to the email listed on my primary contact on the account!) but;
    You can generate a proof of warranty here also if needed;

    • This is just the warranty statement, which is in also in the letter they put in the package. But for some very strange reason, Telstra is refraining from providing a tax invoice.

  • If you are in Telstra Plus you will get 10 x points and the purchase should be in the history.

    • Really? I haven't received any points yet.

      • It typically takes about 10 business days from the time that Telstra receives your payment for the points to be added to your balance.

  • +1

    Also received no tax invoice. Searched everywhere, contacted Telstra by phone and email, request ignored so far. Sellers are of course required by law to provide a tax invoice.

    • Not unless they are trying to hide a sale, which is what is happening here.

  • You should be able to download it from the Payments section of your My Telstra account.

    • Nope, nothing in my payments section except the regular invoices. And I am in Telstra Plus and nothing in history anywhere.
      I highly suspect a tax fraud happening here, and not sure if we ozbargainers should do something about it?

      • I got an email that I've made a payment with a link to My Telstra account to download the tax invoice.

  • I have reported this matter to ATO via

  • if you really want the invoice contact the telecommunications ombudsman

    • That will be step 2. As step 1 I have contacted Telstra and am awaiting their response. I am not really pushed on this matter.
      Its the whole shadiness of the deal that worries me as from the discussion here, it looks like no one has received a tax invoice

      • I did.

  • I found my tax invoices.

    After the phones were delivered yesterday, I received an SMS for each saying "Order details can be viewed in the My Telstra app."

    Clicked on the link and signed in.

    Went to Payments, then "View past payments". I did have to switch accounts though (I had two account numbers listed).

    Payments for each phone were there and I could download the invoices.

  • I can’t find mine either but more likely Telstra hopeless systems.

  • call and they will email to you. thats what i did.

  • I got a Tax invoice but no ABN number. Also invoice shown $0 + $0 GST. I just visit the Telstra shop and they cannot provide a proper TAX invoice with ABN. I am going to complain to ATO and Telstra for missing Telstra plus point.