Shed Next To A Window??

Hello Ladies and Gents,

just wanted to get your personal opinion on something, I've got a massive backyard or side yard you can call it which is of no use to me apart from me mowing the lawns and weeds growing out of everywhere, I am planning on building a Big Shed there roughly 12M Length x 5M Wide and 4M High. This will still leave a good space for backyard and will not block my deck view but however I have 2 main big windows on that side (Dining Room and Tv Lounge) which will basically just have a shed visible from them, we do get a bit of sunshine there for couple hours in a day but not a huge deal for me.

Now I am afraid if this will affect house value when selling the house ? I am mainly building shed as a workshop so I can have some proper space, We have roughly 560m2 land with 110m2 house and 45m2 garage so rest of the land is just wasted IMO, I love fixing things and working on cars etc so having a big shed would pretty amazing for me, I have plans to hopefully install hoist and make it a proper workshop for me.

Please let me know what you would think if you saw such property in market.

Thank you :)

Edit: rough paint diagram uploaded

Edit2: Here is a link for backyard view

Edit3: Thank you everyone, had some time to think about it for a day and decided to go against it, I've recently got a job promotion and instead I might focus on getting a bigger property in near future, Really appreciate everyone who replied :)


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    Let me check what will happen in the future.

  • Plenty of natural light.. unless op builds a blockout shed

  • can you dig down before installing shed? would that reduce/stop blockage

    • Not an easy option and shed will be higher than house roof itself so if I go down that much then will need to build a new driveway as well and unsure if council will approve something like that

      • maybe one metre or so, not completely submerged
        but yes, it can have a flow on effect

        • Council regulations will determine this - and so will water drainage - or lack there of by digging down.. Flooded shed isnt good.

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    I had a 9mtr x 6mtr with double 3mtr sliding doors in the house I just sold. No matter what some dude will have wood over your shed and that will really help it sell. it did for me, women looked at house, blokes ran to the back yard to check shed out :) :)

    You dont mention if you will make windows smaller, or remove them all together or what… ????

    If it was me, I'd leave the windows alone. Getting light in the house is always good and would make the house look strange..

    Advice: put 4 whirlybird things on the roof of the shed, it gets insanely hot in summer.

    • Thank you and not touching the house windows at this stage, I would personally jump over property like that too but not everyone is same haha, thank you for the tip on whirlybirds will look into it :)

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        I would personally jump over property like that too but not everyone is same

        Your building the place for yourself, not some mystery buyer… People worry too much about "THE MARKET".. Its your place…
        Are you planning on moving anytime soon? then dont worry .. build your shed

        Also check council regs - sometimes they make it almost too hard basket.
        Our council regulated right down to what colours we could select and what wasnt allowed even though it wasnt viewable from teh street.

  • Ms paint diagram?

    • Haha I'll try but might be bit tricky give me a few

    • Have uploaded it now

      • I will not make a shed as it wont increase your property value much. It is better if you prepare it to be a granny flat, and you can rent it for extra income when you need to.

    • And compass to determine sun direction, along with rough dimensions.

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    It may or may not affect the price, but it will probably limit the number of potential buyers. I've put a pause on my house hunting at the moment, but 6 months ago I was looking at a lot of houses. As soon as I saw the HUGE shed that took up 2/3s of the back yard I was turned off. While I also don't like mowing the lawn, to me the shed is a waste of space. But clearing it to make way for a pool or something else would be too much trouble for me.

    So it probably depends on what sort of buyer you are targeting.

    • Yeah that is true, I was actually inspired by one of the houses I saw for sale had one, so really got me thinking but you're right it will be for certain typed of buyers

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    That would put me off buying a home, 4m high shed is not my ideal view out of the lounge room window. If you are building a shed then I am guessing you are not planning on selling anytime soon and you have to live in your house the best way for you so my suggestion would be to build your shed and perhaps plant a row of buxus or conifers to hide the shed.

    • Don't have any plans soon but ofcourse in 5-10 years may think about upgrading

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    It will affect your resale. But someone out there would love a big shed workshop - I would but the rest of the fam probably want a backyard.

    Consider setting up your slab to convert to a granny flat later.

    • That's not a bad idea, is something different need to be done to prep it for granny?

      • Need to allow for plumbing for kitchen and bathroom.

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    4m high shed? is that necessary? doubt council would approve that in a residential zone…

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      Had some professional company come and look at it today and told me it should be no problems, nothing is on stone yet, still making up my mind but 4m would be ideal for hoist.

      • Personally I'd want to check with the council - where I live I'm sure it wouldn't get passed.
        As for resale? If I bought the property, it would be something I would look at removing but most likely would avoid buying it.

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    If you put up a shed like what we think it is, then it would affect your property prices - in a downward way. Blocking off all the natural light to your living space is going to be a huge killer. Many people look at natural lighting and aspect when it comes to a house. That said, if you were allowed to build a self contained granny flat? then maybe it might go up.

    If you need the shed, why not build it on the other side of the house - there is a brick wall to your home, and where the footpath thing is (ie left side of your backyard photo). A granny flat there (dont know the sizing) would look like its actually part of the main house and not detract from the asthetics.

    • There is not much of space on other side unfortunately, other thing I can do is take a few meters off lengthwise and at least have one big window opened for natural light.

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        Ok, then why not put up some planks of wood to block off your two windows, and see how you would feel? at least you will get an idea of how it might feel like when the shed is completed.

  • 10 yrs is a long time to enjoy something.. or deprive yourself of something. make your home something that you enjoy - if a shed will do that for you, and give you 10 yrs of joy, then build it.

    sunlight is very important to people - are there windows on the other side of the house? if you'll be getting no natural sunlight/air flow at all, it will be a turnoff for most ppl. but a garage will be a selling point for some other people, granted a much smaller group.

    how much space will there be between the window and shed wall? 1 m? 20cm? if there's space you can plant pretty bushes/plants that creates a very pretty leafy outlook ..

    your land is huge, and i understand why you feel it's wasted.. is the side of the house truly the best spot? what about along the back fence?

  • Just down on the picture where deck is there is a massive door which would allow for airflow and some good light/view as well, there will still be light from other windows but no direct sun and view won't be what is is today, so a few variables and something I need to think about really.

    Space between house and shed will be roughly 30-40cm's

    • You need to have enough room between house and shed to move through easily (closer to 1m) - or join it to be house. A tiny gap like that will just become a mess hole.

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    Edit2: Here is a link for backyard view

    Does it make sense to put the shed at the corner where you stood at to take that photo? That would avoid blocking the windows.

    I've got a massive backyard or side yard you can call it which is of no use to me apart from me mowing the lawns and weeds growing out of everywhere

    If you put extra trees/shrubs/groundcover around the yard and mulch around them, you will reduce the area that you need to mow and weed. Plus you would provide food and shelter for birds/insects in your neighbourhood.

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    It will be pretty awful with only a 30 - 40 cm gap out the windows then a gigantic shed. Do what the other poster suggested, get some blackout blinds on those windows and see how it feels.

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    Just find a photo of nice scenery and get it made into 6 mtr backlit led sign which you mount to external shed wall.

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    Build it. Make your home for you and don’t worry about future resell value.

    When the time comes the right buyer will love it and you will get what you want for it anyways.

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    build it, enjoy it, you can put skylights in the rooms that are lacking natural light due to awesome shed, quiet often perspective buyers include a person that wants that shed with that hoist, it doesn't matter if its a shed or a pool, some will choke on it and some will love it, just build it and enjoy it.

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    A shed taller than and right next to the house would make it feel like living next to a factory.

    I agree with others, aim for a granny flat.

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    After seeing your mud map, sneak 1/2m off the width to allow extra space between house and shed. Clad the shed wall with ‘something nice’ like maybe a garden wall.

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    It would impact potential buyers that don’t value the shed. Perhaps cut windows into the shed that match the lounge room so you can see through into the shed. Have sky lights close to those windows in the shed to have more natural light come through the shed and into the lounge. Or consider building a temporary structure that can be dismantled and repositioned when it comes time for sale - ie. take it with you. You could also plaster off those windows and introduce skylights in the house.

    • Perhaps cut windows into the shed that match the lounge room so you can see through into the shed.

      But then you’d have to keep the shed tidy!

      • Or mirrors on the shed walls opposite to the windows, reflecting & refracting the light ;o]

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    You have a very nice garden. A huge shed right outside the main living areas would be a negative for me if I were a prospective buyer. The outlook and light are important to me and the shed would dominate unfortunately. However if it were easy/ not costly to remove then that could be an option?
    It’s your home and if you don’t plan on selling in the foreseeable future then you should do what will make you happy. Just be sure you appreciate the impact the structure will have before you build.

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    Would you need a DA for 60m2 structure? Not sure about A.C.T but in NSW anything over 25m2 (carport, gazebo, etc) needs a DA.

  • I think putting it down the back would be better but without an ariel shot its hard to say

    as much as I would love a big shed something of that size would be dominating on your size block.

    something else you could also consider is a large carport, it will also stop the temptation to store junk in it which is very easy to do

  • In the market now for a final resting place and a pre-req is for a big shed.
    Have looked at an unbelievable number of properties in rural Tas where a main feature of the house is the view of the shed from all the major living areas.
    If you are happy to sit down at the dining table with friends and family and stare at a massive, featureless colorbond wall, go for it.
    Not my cup of tea, though.

  • its like a pool, when I was buying - the agent was actually saying the seller was happy to fill it in. its not for everyone
    when building, my builder was asking - are you building for you or for when you sell :)

    you're never going to please everyone, I built a massive garage at my old place and of course the guys loved it.

    Just do whats right for you :)

    Mind you when building my garage at the time, council told me if it was under a particular dollar amount and not attached to the house it was fine. no doubt every council is different, so check if you're allowed to have something that size first so close to the windows

  • I wouldn't. You should always look towards Re-sale.
    For Re-sale you have to appeal to the widest possible (common) market.

  • I'd put a smaller shed in the back corner to the left of where you took the photo. I'm guessing your living room windows are facing north.